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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by nickel, Aug 25, 2006.

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  1. Fry

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    "This jail-thingy is just crazy. The way I see it, it's worse to show up drunk in front of an club, than to use illegal, performance enhanment drugs.
    It's not okay to show naked people on TV, but it's okay to own a gun and shoot someone in "selfdefense".
    And it's okay to pretend to be stupid and claim that you didn't know that cigarettes/junk food/younameit was bad for your healt and sue the concerned companies for billions of dollars.

    Let's move the NFL to a country with a decent moral code, where fun is allowed and stupidity is not being encouraged."
  2. Laserjock

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    Don't park near me for tailgating. Don't want no scrapping Rebel Boy....:grrhee:
  3. GoT

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    Denmark has a "Moral" code?

    Do tell.
  4. nendzone

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    It's called Disorderly conduct

    Doesn't exactly make him a hardened criminal and taken on its own its really not a big deal -- but it is an arrestable offense, depending on the circumstances that led up to it.

    I'm not splitting hairs over what he was charged with. To me, the issue is just that he had a chance to control how the situation would end, and he couldn't keep from throwing fuel on the fire when it was almost out.

    It's the same thing he did on the field repeatedly last year, getting into it with other players and officials. And in the Gaddy incident. And in the locker room fight with a trainer.
  5. The Mrs

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    You are incorrect, man!

    I was NOT the woman mentioned. Pac and I ain't cool LIKE that. I'm NOT his ride or die chick. However, after hearing/reading all that went down, I'm supporting Pac on this one. If he wasn't in the vehicle that he was in, he wouldn't have been stopped by the police, nor arrested. In this case, I do believe that he was a victim of his own notoriety. Had it been Keith or another player, I don't think it would have gone this far.

    Pac and his entourage were leaving the bar and he was just doing what drunk folks do: running off at the mouth at the Security Guards AS HE WAS LEAVING. He wasn't driving. He was leaving the place. No need to arrest him.

    With that said and Pac has been told this, don't be a Mike Tyson. Right now, the block is hot for him and he needs to take a step back and let things cool down. I know as a 22 year old, he wants to be out and about on the town, but it's not a good thing for him. Also, bringing the party to his house is even a worse idea. If he has people over at his place, there's only a matter of time before some chick shows up at the Williamson County Sherriff's Department saying that she was raped while partying and drinking at Pac's house. With Pac's reputation, no matter the facts, people will automatically blame Pac.

    He's still my boy and will still get sideways hugs, cause he tries to enjoy the frontal hugs a bit too much.:irked: Look for Pac to be on the sidelines tomorrow night, cheering on his team.:rolleyes:

    TO EWKER: Seriously, do you think a girl with an Elf siggy and holding a wine glass in her avatar is a "Pac" kind of girl to date? I mean, if I was holding a 40 ounce and had like, a Baby Phat or RocaWear logo in my siggy, then that would make sense. He ain't ready for me, or maybe I'm not ready for him. I'll stick to my "chosen one" (shout outs to Gunny!) No, Gunny isn't my "chosen one" it's just a joke between us.
  6. Vin-Sanity!

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    very disappointing.
  7. Gunny

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    You see, she wanted me but I turned her down....:))
  8. Tackhead #9

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    Disappointing, but not surprising. How many more shots does Pac get? This was beyond ridiculous a while ago, why doesn't he learn? ...Feeling sad now. I think I need some Reynaldo news (Pac's non-evil twin).
  9. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

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    sideways hugs. :ha:
  10. GoT

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    I don't blame him for getting all excited about frontal hugs.
    We all know what the little dude is getting a face full of.
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