Owner Bud Adams puts "grossly out coached and outplayed" Titans on notice.

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    The preponderance of Bears fans cost bud nothing in revenue. Titans fans paid full price for their tickets and then sold them probably at a discount to Bear fans. Our poor play was the major factor but also the economy. Those fans got something for those seats and watched the game at home.

    It does show there is a difference between the old traditional fans of teams like the Bears, Steelers, Giants and Packers compared to the fans here. We were spoiled out of the box with playoff teams in 4 of the first 5 years but the honeymoon is definitely over and that is why Bud is so worked up. Seeing all those Bear fans really hurt him.
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    Did those guys look motivated to you?
    I understand when you are saying they should be motivated because they are professionals and make millions of dollars. However, I think not all of them are professional.
    Do you need to motivate guys like Hasselbeck, Locker, Wimbley etc? No, probably not, because they have reached a certain level of maturity and they are able to motivate themselves.
    Do you have to motivate guys like Kenny Britt? Absolutely.

    Making someone aware about the other team's knack to force fumbles is not motivation, but instruction. Telling your players that if they can't secure the football they will ride the bench is motivation. Clearly our team was not motivated. A motivated team does not, under any circumstances, play like this.
    Players know exactly that their future earnings are dependent on their performance. That is way you see most excell during the last year before they become free agents. Money becomes the motivator. Once the contract is signed and the money is in the bank, money is not a concern for them. This does not apply to all players. A lot are true professionals and will give their best day in day out. But especially younger players or some of the older knuckleheads need a little extra motivation from time to time.
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    I bet he is also pretty pissed that the expansion team in Houston in such a short time is already worth quite a bit more than the Titans....
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    Another thing that hurts is to sit here and see what the GM in Houston has done mostly through the draft and that is build a really good football team something that Reinfeldt/Webster has not done nearly good enough compared to Houston.In just a few seasons they have built a team there that is going to give us hell through the next decade.What we need to do is get some personnel in here who are serious and want to build a long term winner.I hate seeing Houston be as solid as they are but the thing is we could be a contender if we could get the correct people in here to right the ship and get this franchise pointed in the right direction.I think there needs to be a sense of urgency here in Tennessee immediately because fans are not going to keep supporting mediocre teams that don't improve year in and year out.It has been almost a half decade since we made the playoffs.Something needs to be done now.They need to clean house top to bottom.If Bud Adams has to go outside the organization to find the right mix of people to get things going in the right direction then for once he needs to do that.There is no one inside this team who is going to be the right person for the task.If we do need to bring in a big name or two then thats what we need to do.

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    Last Aprils draft was Rustons first, give it time.
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    Yeah, you have to support the team or Bud will move the Titans to Mississippi.
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    It also makes a difference where you draft. The Texans for the most part had much higher draft position year after year, while the Titans mostly picked late middle.
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    That may be true but most of the Texans success stories are late round picks.
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    I don't see how anyone can say any established NFL player is not professional. There are some which are simply smarter, more experienced or more talented than others. It takes too much to be an NFL player to not be motivated, IMO.

    Are we talking about motivation or smart? I think the two are getting confused. I truly believe Britt wants to be great. I don't believe he always knows the way to make it happen.

    We see players each week fined for various hits by the league but yet it happens anyway. Does that mean the fines are not motivators? Are the players just not smart? Or is the game so fast that it's impossible to consciously control everything that goes on during those split-seconds a player has to make a decision?

    The team was instructed of the tendencies of the Bears D. They should be self-motivated to play well. Britt made a catch and was trying to break it into a long run. In doing so, he was blind-sided and fumbled.

    So was Britt not motivated? Of course he was. He was trying to turn the play into a TD. He was trying to "make a play". There was no lack of effort here. But was Britt smart? At the moment just before contact, he's thinking only of running. He doesn't see anyone around him. He does not think about securing the football. Not smart.

    The question then is, does Munch bench him for making a mistake on the first play of the game, while it's still close, and handcuff his WR rotation by making those left play longer and denying Hasselbeck a key weapon? I think it would be incompetence to make that move at that point in the game. Yet some would have you believe that, since Munch didn't bench Britt, he's not motivating the players and doesn't have their respect.

    Hasselbeck, one of the guys you mention who doesn't need motivation, made a horrible pass. Was he not motivated at the moment he did it or did he just make a split-second bad decision?

    People are motivated by different things but it's always something inside the individual which makes that happen. Desire to be wealthy, greed, security, pride, etc. all come from within. Those that don't usually find their careers very short regardless of raw talent.

    The coaching staff deservedly should be criticized for game plan, scheme, etc. and you won't hear me defending them in this area. But I don't feel blaming Munch for not having his team motivated is a legit argument.
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    I doubt Munchak even really wanted this job.