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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by LTF, Feb 23, 2021.

  1. LTF

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    Many people are talking about restructuring contracts and signing free agents. Unfortunately I feel that our window might have closed for a Superbowl. Is it time to start rebuilding? We all know that running backs are only good for a few years. Derrick Henry has been amazing but how many years does he have left if any? JRob with just a mid-level rating on his draft and in free agency last year would have had us in a Super Bowl. Unfortunately, he ranked dead last among all GM's in both. If not for his great job the years prior we would have been picking at the top of the draft. I say we do not restructure any contracts other than for less money and look to the Future. We cannot sell our future to try to make our run now. Our best course of action would be to wait and only pick up some of the better left over free agents. The drop in salary cap has put all free agents in a buyer's market. There will be some great value in free agency toward the end. We would still need to cut several players but while we got in return with that money would more than make up for what we lost. Hopefully we would get a few draft picks out of the players we lost through free agency.
    Just wanted to start the conversation and get other opinions on this.i hate feeling this way, but it feels the smartest take on our situation.So.....what is your take on this?
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  2. 10ECTyrant

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    Cut, Restructure, Restructure, Cut, Cut, Restructure
    we have a good 2-3 year window IMO
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  3. grindtime

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    55 years and we have been to 1 SB and won none. I think we go all out and try to win a SB now. Honestly, this is the mentality we should have every year. If your not trying to win it all then why play the game, is my mentality with the Titans. I would do anything I could to help the organization win a SB. Its not just a game or entertainment for myself, its my life. My life would not be complete without a Titan SB. I don't want to die knowing we never won the big one.
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  4. Delco78

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    You can restructure without killing yourself in the future. The cap will be back to normal next year. So therefore restructure for this year. I've read that we have the 3rd best manageable restructures in the league. We can create 30 million in cap space without cutting anyone besides Humphries. Gotta sign an edge and draft one. Sign a receiver and draft one.. the rest would be depth for the most part.
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  5. HurrayTitans!

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    Lot of good pieces in the right place currently with contracts that last more than a year. Zero consideration should be dropped on a rebuild.

    Not sure why Henry's legs are being questioned on durability. He has 3 NFL season, 1 with a super heavy workload, no injuries that I'm aware of, and the more I hear about his history, outside 1 year in AL, he's always been underutilized for the workload he's shown he's capable of.
    Not saying drive him into the ground, but he's got some YEARS left. barring catastrophe, we should see him still running into his 30's.

    Cap COULD be an issue one what is possible to snag to help this D improve. My bigger concern is that even if JRob hits a homerun with offseason moves this year (complete opposite of last year) the DC may still hold the D back overall.
  6. 8Bruce8

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    On what you said about Henry, sure I heard he only started 1 season at bama with bussin with the boys. Also the guy didn't start for like 2 years when we had demarco Murray. Dude has plenty of tread.
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  7. 8Bruce8

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    It's not gonna be doom and gloom. I know defensively we suck and we all know where. Just seen some mock drafts and general consensus is the top 10 draftees are offensive players. We ain't drafting offense in the 1st so we should have a starter/heavy rotational pass rusher and draft hopefully best defensive players available.

    From the players we losing jonnu is 1 I regard highly and to be truthly honest, we can get similar cheap this year. We're sorted on the big 3 offensively. O line just got us a 2k runner. Defensively at corner resign King or adoree on team deals if not they'll be plenty to choose from. Not fazed by safety, it's our god dam pass rush with a sprinkle of dcing with the latter only being able to criticise properly till the season in full swing.
  8. Rwill

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    I am in no way questioning Henrys durability at this point.

    I most certainly am questioning how many 2k seasons Henry can have.

    If asked, i would say Henry will get between 1500-1800 next season. That is a fantastic year. But there is no way I would expect any runner to compile 2k seasons.
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  9. HurrayTitans!

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    Fully agree we cannot expect BDH to get 2K every year.
    I would just as excited to see him reach over that 1500 yard mark and have a real shot at being only the second RB with 3 straight rushing titles (Emmitt Smith is the only currently).
  10. SouthSide1

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    We don't need to rebuild. We just need to find the best defensive pieces we can. With the OC and DC we have in place now I really hope those guys make a difference for the better but I doubt it. That decision still pisses me off.
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