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    Seems a little early, but if we really want to get into the POs it would have to be the WC. Winning the Div. is very unlikely when we are down by 3.5 games unless houston implodes (which actually doesn't seem that impossible for them now that I think about it). Really it would be best if NE, Bal, and SD start winning tons of games and take their divisions.

    Teams we would have to worry about would probably be teams like Steelers (we beat them), Broncos, Bengals, and maybe the Jets. Those are probably the teams that are really in the hunt at the end of the year (but again, its still a little early to tell). The best of them is only 3-3 (1 game ahead of us right now) If we can get on a streak, then we could have wins over a couple of those teams. Looking at everyone's record as of now, I think a 9-7 team does make it in the AFC.

    I do think we have the advantage over the rest of the NFL when it comes to schedule now. We got the hard games out of the way (save 1 or 2 games). Not saying we will beat all those "easy" teams bc I don't think we will. We always seem to drop some games that were "easy" (colts last year ... that still makes me mad), but its not out of the question either.
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