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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by JR1980, Jul 17, 2013.

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    I think you forgot some *'s in your post.... IMO your missing 3 to be exact...

    With Brown and rookie Gooden on the roster, we boast a unit that can cover both TE's man-to-man effectively (in theory). This should allow for Gregg/Gray to have some fun when teams try to line 2 TE's against us in the pass...

    More specifically those 3rd and longs you talked about, I can easily see Ayers playing DE, with Brown/Gooden covering (mainly) short routes by TEs and C-Mac manning the middle. Again, in theory it sounds very promising...
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    Dont forget we added Pollard, hes basically a LB
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    We also got bigger in part to protect our backers especially the guy in the middle so he can run freely and make plays sideline to sideline. No 235 or 240 lb backer is going to win a direct confrontation with a 315 lb nfl lineman.

    I think of the 2000 ravens with those 2 huge Dts Siragusa and Adams eating up 3 blockers and allowing Lewis to run all over and that was obviously what the Panthers were thinking when they drafted Star instead Floyd.

    I think that Morgan, Wimbley, Ayers and brown can combine for almost 30 sacks so pressure won't be a problem.
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    Only issue is if we are using Brown as a blitzer a lot and running a very aggressive defense we need DBs who can man up and cover and he doesn't fit that mold. At least cover a TE or RB. I know we got him to toughen up our team but there is a reason teams keep letting him get away.
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    I was going for D*MN but I like your thinking better!
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    Gooden may be super fast for a LB, but from what I have seen in this tape, he is not really that good in coverage. He looked completely lost in coverage when they played the Vols.

    There is no doubt that he can't be a good cover LB in this league though. Reason I say that is because he has all the tools to cover any TE or RB in this league, but I think his coverage problems in college were due to the fact that he seemed to not pay attention to the man he was covering. It seemed to me like he wanted to play FS and cover everyone on the field in hopes of getting an INT.

    If he can stay on his man and only his man, he will do just fine with us.
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    Who's heart did Mila Kunis break?

    She dated Macaulay Culkin for 8 years. If she broke his heart, that's too bad. He had 8 years with her. That's a miracle. She's a saint for it. That dude looks like a heroin addict. KEVIN!!!!!!!!! These child stars just never turn out right.

    I know I'm still going way off topic, but Home Alone was my favorite movie growing up... Did anyone else make booby traps in their backyard?
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    Why is it that McCarthy looks so small on the field? I mean he's a descent size and isn't much smaller than Ray Lewis, but just to the naked eye Lewis looks much bigger than he does. Is there a such thing as "playing small"?
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    Watching his(Gooden) game against UT you would not even use a 5th rd pick on him. I can't see him ever being a strong run defender and while he is good in man coverage his zone coverage is mediocre. I'm concerned about his instincts and his ability to read what is going on in front of him. He was faked out totally in 2 plays and could have had a deeper drop in a seam pass completed to Hunter.He often misses the hole in run defense.

    This was his worst game and he does better in other film but he is primarily good at one thing, man coverage. Perhaps they think he could become a good blitzer with his speed and he was not used much in that way at Mizzu.
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    I think his advantage though is what he does after the catch. The TE or RB might make a catch over the middle, but they'll pay for it and may drop a pass later in the game. It all balances out.

    I've played with big hitters and some guys are just more concerned about the hit. I always liked them because they fired up the rest of the D whenever they made big plays. I think Pollard is definitely a move in the right direction on defense. Especially after the past few seasons.
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