Our Biggest Weakness

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Joe Z., Sep 10, 2006.

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    I disagree. Our biggest weakness by far is our trenches. Our OL does not give our QBs any protection whatsoever, and they don't open any holes whatsoever for our RBs. Last year, this Jets' D was one of the worst run Ds in the league. They lost John Abraham and Ty Law and added nothing but rookie LB Anthony Schlegel. Result? We couldn't run anywhere but for those late Henry TDs.

    Then there's the DL. Why you think the secondary looks so bad? Chad Pennington had all day to throw yesterday. The line provides no push whatsoever, and the pass rush is non-existent save for the occasional blitz. They did an OK job against the run, but 319 yards to a QB who hadn't thrown in a regular season game in almost a year?

    We did lose RowBear early, but save for a few bursts Starks and Albert provided no push, and save for the VDB sack, no pass rush was generated. On the Jets' 1st TD, Nick Mangold, a rookie, manhandled Albert in opening up a hole for Barlow to run through. He just took him and spun him away. Albert weight 40 pounds more than the rook.
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    I'll assume your post is legit.

    DQCA was Jimbelinas previous jobtitle. He is a overflowing pile of estrogen.

    And you are correct that is Dehr schwartzies formula for leading the league in run D - make the pass D so awful teams don't bother to run worked in 2003
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    Jones stopped growing in middle school.
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    How can no one (that matters) see Schwartz is a terrible DC?
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    Anyone else notice that whenever Collins (or Young on the Int.) dropped back, Pillar and Olson would get knocked almost on top of him. I was harder than anyone on Collins Sunday, but I must admit it'd be hard for anyone to throw with that protection. I wanna see Amano and Bell start at the guards and Stewart start at tackle. Couldn't be any worse than what we saw Sunday.

    (I wanna see Fuller for Thompson, too, but I think that's true for everybody except Jeff Fisher)
  6. because none of the espn people that analyze the games (who most of us dislike) dont even preview our games because we are so bad now, and if they did im sure that schwartz would be one of the topics of y we let in so many points
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