Our #1 priority should be bolstering the O-line.

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by PRAY IV M3RCY, Jan 19, 2013.


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    I dropped this name yesterday as a guy I like enough to take in the 1st

  2. Soxcat

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    Not sure if Johnson would be a good fit since we really need an OG so unless he could be seen as a OG to start and then maybe move to a OT spot later I'm not sure. Johnson is 6'6 which might be right at the edge for how tall you want your OGs to be but the comment about not quite being at the right playing strength makes me wonder if he isn't more suited right now as a LT. Now if a guy like Warford is still hanging around in the 2nd or within reach of a trade up later in the first I'd consider drafting him if we don't take Warmack. At 6'3, 333 the guy is perfect to line up next to Stewart and make some room in the running game. Jordan Mills might be a 3rd round or later guy who could play some OG and later move to RT.

    Traditionally these Senior Bowl guys get overrated and then end up going later in the draft. SO many of the early picks end up being Jrs coming out. The best value for the Senior Bowl seems to be finding guys in the middle rounds. But this definately looks like a good year to grab an interior OL guy somewhere in the first three rounds.....for a change.
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    Who is going to convince Munch that Warmack has a relative that played for the Oilers so we can draft him?
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    right..focusing on just one player would be bad if he isnt available. We need to explore all of our options.
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    this is why I hated the Wright pick last year and the Brown pick and the .....
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    I don't have any problem with them meeting with many players. These guys aren't the caliber of Warmack, Jones, Joeckel etc. It appears they are looking to coach up a 3rd or later rounder. Nothing wrong with their doing their homework, I just don't want them to pass again on a "once in a decade" OL talent because they THINK they can coach a B grade OL to play like an A. They've shown they can't.
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    I just really hated the Wright pick. He doesn't have the physical tools to ever be a dominate true #1 type WR and I don't draft a #2 or slot guy in the 1st rnd. Also you are looking to draft leaders in the 1st rnd and rarely is your slot WR a team leader. With some of the defense and OL talent on the board when we picked it was a travesty that we went with Wright.

    The Brown pick alone was not a horrible pick, but considering that we had passed on some great OL talent in the 1st and it was a major need then passing again in the 2nd just wasn't a good move.

    I could easily see us drafting OL in the 2nd and 4th like we did with Roos and Stewart and going Defense in the 1st and 3rd.
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    Taking Wright over DeCastro was a total bone-head move IMO. We'll see that in about 5 years.

    People always want to defend Wright when we criticize the pick. Wright is a fine young man and a decent WR- just wasn't the best use of the pick IMO. We all know that Britt is gone after this year and Wright in no way replaces the dynamic threat that Britt is (when healthy). We need an accurate QB to make Wright into a D-Mase type WR. Just don't see the connection Webster/Munch/MR had except to cover their butts with the Locker pick by providing a quick dump outlet type WR who can run a crisp route.
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    They don't just meet first round picks. Chances are they won't draft a guy they've met anyway, we rarely do it.
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