Oregon = Best team in the country

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by Deuce Wayne, Jan 4, 2013.

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    cows suck
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  2. RollTide

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    It was not Bama's fault that UT, Auburn and Arkansas had horrible seasons. Normally they all will be 8-9 game win teams.

    Bama beat LSU, Michigan and Georgia. They beat that Ole miss team that destroyed Pitt and they beat Miss State and lost to A&M. They did not play a cup cake schedule.
  3. RollTide

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    I did not read every post but we all know that Dunce's mo is. Find a west coast team and hype them as better than any southern team. He hates anything southern.

    As for Oregon? They run the football! They are a running team with 190 lb backs with 4.3 speed and a 6'4 210 lb QB. Alabama would beat them up. Oregon lost to the only tough physical team they played. Yes they are a very good team that can play with anybody but to proclaim them the best is just Dunceolgy.
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  4. RollTide

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    The myth of Chip Kelly and Oregon.

    One anal-yst said that Kelly would not want a job in Buffalo or Cleveland because that offense is not suitable for bad weather. Kelly will take the Browns job.

    Oregon is not Arizona or southern california it is cold and rainy there. And what Oregon does is run the football. Don't the analysts know that? Barner had over 300 yards rushing against USC not 300 yards receiving.

    Is Kelly going to use the read option with Weedon at QB?

    Kelly is a great coach but in college you win by out recruiting people. Deanthony Thomas was the top recruit in the country and about to sign with USC but picked Oregon instead at the last minute. That recruit won them a Rose bowl and a fiesta bowl. Who will be that type of player for Kelly in the pros.
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    They just reported that Kelly will stay at Oregon. Good move.

    Oregon ran for 4098 yards.

    They threw for 2888 yards.

    Kelly would not have thrown the ball all over the place in the nfl.
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  6. Deuce Wayne

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    I don't just find a west coast team and hype over a southern team.

    I simply look to see who is the most dominant team in football. And as of today, it's Oregon.

    Sorry, Alabama was far from impressive this year. They won by flukes vs Florida and Georgia, was torched by South Carolina.

    Assuming they're not that great is pretty easy.
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    Yes, that crazy fluke of "did not play them".

    Keep proving that you have no idea as to of what you are talking about Dunce.
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  8. Alex1939

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    Dunce may be the most butthurt person on the planet regarding the SEC SEC SEC domination. RollTide is right, Dunce hates everything southern. Too bad he is too scared to move elsewhere in the country.
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    Anyone can have an opinion but why isn't Oregon playing in the championship game? That is just the way the system works. While I agree Bama might not have been as "dominant" in some ways how is Oregon's schedule so much tougher? Oregon's strength of schedule was something like 50th in the nation. Rolling over teams like Tenn Tech isn't exactly impressive. When teams like Fresno State are your toughest opponents it is hard to get too excited. All they had to do was win the one game that really mattered and they didn't. If Oregon is #1 in your book then were does that put Stanford by the way. Standford lost to ND, in over time, the #1 ranked team right now (until after tonight). So Oregon at best is 3rd behind those 2 teams.
  10. RollTide

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    Though this year Tennessee tech might have been better than Tennessee. Had a better coach i bet and i honestly don't even know his name.
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