Opinions On Roster Scenarios Going Into Next Season

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by mike75, Dec 16, 2013.

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    [/quote] I know this isn't a draft thread, but while on the subject, I think this year would be the year to trade down and try to get an extra pick or two. Like if we end up at 10 again where we're currently slotted, there might be a team in the 20's that would give up their 2nd and/or 3rd to move up. That way we recover the 3rd we lost by trading up to get Hunter, and possibly have 2, 2nd round picks. Maybe it could look something like:
    1st - CJ Mosley
    2nd - Tiny Richardson
    2nd - Eric Ebron
    3rd - Aaron Donald[/quote]

    The team that might do something like that would be the 49ers. They have 2 x 2nds and 2x 3rds(one of which is ours!) I priced it though.would cost them there 1st and both second rounders to move into top 10.

    one can dream
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    I'd be interested to see where Mallett is after spending the last 3 season at Quarterback Inc. up there in New England. He has been on very good behavior (he had some questionable off-the-field habits going into the draft) and must be doing well in practice for New England to keep him on in a two QB depth chart. The big thing about Mallett is that his deep throws are lasers. That also comes in handy for long passes to the sideline such as bubble screens, wheel routes, swing passes out to the tailback.

    With that said, we need an offensive line that would be able to support a QB like Mallett, Im sure he's learned to manipulate the pocket a little better by now but he is in no way mobile. Wilson doesnt have that sort of arm strength but he's just as intelligent and can make things happen when protection breaks down.

    It would seem some of the drops here are because of the heat he puts on the ball but these guys had been making these catches all year. This was a case of BCS jitters. Still a good look at some of the plays he can make
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    Well I live in Seattle now but that is where I grew up in. People usually stare at me with a giant head when I say I'm a Titans fan and I'm from NJ, but NJ doesn't have a team. Plus Giants fans are obnoxious and Phi fans are dirty. haha
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    Just a wigger version of KFC. Tyler Wilson I would be happier with.
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    First decision...keep or don't keep Munchak.

    If Munchak stays, it'll be interesting to see if he's allowed to keep 'his' coaches. He MAY end up staying one for his last season as a last chance but with Ruston's approval/deciding on the coaching staff.

    If Muchak goes, everything will change depending on WHO is brought in. If we go this route, I have a set of coaching candidates in mind!!! But we need a HC who is gonna OWN one side of the ball and have an excellent coordinator OWN the other side.

    Second decision...Locker or start over? If Munchak is the HC I think Locker is our QB. IF we have a new HC, I think it'll depend on the draft (who falls to where) whether we take a QB or not in round 1. But if we draft a first round guy, we could be heading into the Drew Brees/Rivers situation. Would we trade a bunch of picks for the top or second or third pick in the draft? I don't think so. Plus, dumping Locker and going with a rookie is likely to set us back...not move us forward next season. And dumping Locker for another more expensive guy who also couldn't finish the season doesn't make much sense. I believe Cytler will have many suitors and will get PAID!

    Salary Cap...some of this will depend on coaching staff but we have a lot of players not playing up to their salaries....Wimbley, CJ, Nate, Griffin, Fitzpatrick, etc. We need to renegotiate anyone worth keeping or cut those who aren't.

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    New HC from far outside the organization. Let him bring on his staff preferably also from outside the organization AND you wouldn't think I'd have to mention it but make sure they're qualified.

    New Head Coach drafts his guy at QB (hopefully Manziel) and lets rebuild this thing the right way.
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    dont worry, that guy says anything to annoy us all, can't be taken serious
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