Opinions On Roster Scenarios Going Into Next Season

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by mike75, Dec 16, 2013.

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    He can catch, he just doesn't have great hands. I mean, he caught a TD on a flare pass route that turned into an out and up. Normally that play doesn't develop that long because the QB doesn't have time to cycle thru the progression twice. But this is the type of match up we should be KILLING in the passing game with him. Most of the time, when we split him out, we throw a short in/slant or crossing route to Wright. That's good for Wright and he's been very good this year, but he has a CB covering him. Cj gets a LB most of the time who no way can cover him. Run a crossing pattern with CJ across the field where he's not deeper then 5 yds so an easier catch and he can simply run away from the LB. Run Go routes on the other side top clear out with a zone killer route combo front side and you're good to go. give CJ the ball with no defenders near him and him running in open space at 90-100% speed and you have big plays waiting to happen. Or, when he's in the slot, have the outside WR run a Go route and have CJ run an out and up. The Go route will drop the CB or S into a deep zone with CJ beating his man or finding the void in a cover 2 or man defense.

    Teams will quickly do one of two things. First, play zone. Or Second, change personel to get another pass defender to play CJ. Either situation gives us a big advantage in that we can dictate to the defense!!! If it's zone for instance, we can stack CJ as an inside slot with 2 WR's outside and throw him the bubble screen with 2 on 2 blockers v defenders with our WR's and CJ outrunning a LB to the outside since the OLB won't be head up. When they bring in a S or CB to cover CJ, we can always motion him back to a RB position and now run the ball versus a nickel D...giving us one less run defender to worry about.

    In addition, we can offset him like the Rams used to do with Faulk so he's closer to the LOS and can attack it more quickly. Let him run angle routes, circle routes, 5 yd outs and 5 yd crossing routes.

    We waste him a lot with 3yd yard dump off pattern where he's the outlet with his back to the defense. Hit him running away from people and we will see more BIG plays. And can we learn to run a screen pass well? This has been one of our most disappointing plays...QB makes a bad throw, QB throws to a different spot then the RB expects, poorly blocked, dropped, well blocked but the RB runs right into a defender, etc.

    And when DWill is healthy, run some Option with D-Will at QB.

    Just a few ideas. Not that they are the same, but in Madden, CJ always wins league MVP for me because I always take advantage of matchups in the pass or run games.
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    I have said everything you are saying since day one. I would love to see it. Problem really is that CJ will never put the effort into running routes that a Marshall Faulk would. CJ,IMO, is a lazy route runner. Maddendoesnt account for that.
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    you are wrong

    you admit :cj: lacks elusivness. Agreed, he also lacks vision see my next comment

    makes sense if you live in bizzaroworld. Here in reality :cj: runs inside too darkness on every play. You see this and think 'why did Bilbo call another plunge on 2nd an 9?' while the reality is :cj:, lacking vision and agility, runs inside because he knows he cant make the edge
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    People still think Vince Young can be a starting calibre QB in the league.
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    Haha just about everything is wrong. Count much? Watch the games, other teams constantly stack the box and our lineman are getting zero push, that's why you see can get hit in the back field. But screw cj for not being able to run threw or around 2 linebackers that hit him right when he gets the hand off. And of plays he does have a second our o line make zero holes. Yes, he has missed some creases and tries to make too many plays, that's why we have him. He does need more help to make what he can get good. He also stated along with the coaches that they are making him run it inside more than bounce it out. They are taking away the one thing he is good at....
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    This is awesome, because I really couldn't think of anything. It's a good read but I think you are putting too much faith into CJ's ability to catch and like another said, run routes well.

    Even a garbage can gets a steak and all that, so yes I know CJ has caught a few but most of the time I see more drops than catches.
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    first - link concerning the bold. Link or it never happened.

    second - [​IMG] much?
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