Opinions On Roster Scenarios Going Into Next Season

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    I think this team needs to drop Fitzpatrick once the season is over.He plays well at times but is anti-clutch everytime they get into a game winning situation.He throws interceptions or turns the ball over at the very worst time during games. I really do hope we don't bring him back next season.

    I do think we need to go after a free agent QB because even if we draft a QB that player will probably sit for at least a year before playing.Possible names include Cutler,Cousins,Schaub,Freeman,Vick,etc. My choice would be Cousins quite easily if he became available.

    They are bringing Locker back at least one more year.Even if we make Locker a backup does that still leave room to bring in a free agent QB and drafting a QB too? If so then the free agent QB would be the starter,Locker would be the backup making the drafted QB third string.

    I really do hope Webster does his homework if we end up drafting one because we all know how the Locker era here has been with all the injuries.

    Right now i can't make heads or tails of Chris Johnson staying or leaving.I think we need to use C.J. better or just let him go because unless he is in space he doesn't gain much yardage.So tired of seeing him handed the ball where there is either a one yard gain or nothing.Wonder if they might be thinking of bringing in someone through draft to pair with Greene if C.J. is let go.

    The receiver spot looks really good and of course Walker has been good at the tight end spot.

    The offensive line has definitely been the most disappointing part of this team by far.Drafting players plus bringing in guys in free agency and the revamping fell flat.I think Levitre has been a let down with the expectations we had coming in.Looks like Schwenke has the center spot locked up.We could possibly be drafting a player to take over Stewart's spot.

    The defense has been up and down all season.We brought in Ropati Pitotua who i think has done a good job over on his end and of course Morgan.Definitely need to drop Wimbley he never did much since coming here.I do think we can do better at that spot and possibly draft a defensive end.

    Sammie Lee Hill was brought in to help us stop the run but we are 23rd not good overall.Casey has been the best part of the line by far.

    Like most have said it seems like Ayers has disappeared.I think Zach Brown could do better as well.Wouldn't be surprised if we drafted another linebacker

    I think both McCourty and Verner have done a good job this season no complaints there.

    I do like the attitude and impact Bernard Pollard has brought to the defense but no one knows if he will be returning or not.Michael Griffin has had one of his better years this season.

    As far as the coaching goes i would let Munchak go.I would let Matthews go.I would keep Jefferson.I am not sure on Croom although i do like how he brought in Greene to share the load with C.J. that should've been a great move but of course the line has sucked so our bread and butter which is the run game mostly underperformed.As far as Jerry Gray i'd cut him loose but keep Gregg Williams.I would let the linebackers coach loose.As far as special teams i'd let Kaczor walk as well.
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    No way we get Cousins. Im pretty sure he is not a FA, a no way we are able to trade for a QB. Too many holes. Also, if Munch is fired, that pretty much means every coach is fired except for maybe 1 or 2. The new coach is gonna want his guys with him.

    I am very much on the bring back CJ side. His salary goes down and the Arizona game was a great example of how bad our oline blocks. I saw about 4-5 carries where there was 1-3 guys waiting on him to get the ball. No one is going to run well when the d is standing behind the line of scrimmage waiting for them. He ran hard and well when given space. That's really not too much to ask for from our oline.

    Lock up Verner, Casey, Leon Washington ASAP!

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    LOL Cousins isn't a free agent. So, so easy to fact-check that and see that it's not true.
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    I say go with Vick or Freeman.
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    Jared Allen at DE would be a solid upgrade over Wimbley and Pitoitua.
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    Wow. 4real?
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    This one is much better
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    God I hope we don't go after cutler. That would be absolutely terrible. Either address that situation through the draft or trading for a kirk cousins/ryan mallett
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