One thing I noticed about the Chargers game...

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    I had that same feeling then I realized...... these refs SUCK so the fear crept back in. I wasn't sure until I saw the illegal kick. That was too obvious even for sucky @$$ refs to miss.
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    Maybe for Chargers fans.
  3. titan_fan_4ever

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    That this team might be me a heart attack before the season is over...

    NO JOKE, during the game I said that SEVERAL times... And whats even more funny, was going through power rankings and found this from NFL's Elliot:


    Something else I noticed, nothing to do with the Chargers, but is how much I want Finny back.

    He THRIVED at an All-Pro level (backed by several Fox/CBS analysts at the time) the years we had Big Al and serious pressure. With Greg's D (I'm sorry, Jerry and Greg's D) we have that again, and he would be great in this system. JMAC would SHUT DOWN number 2s and ATV would dominate in the slot/outside as he is now. Our nickel package (i.e. almost the base package now) would be even stronger - and in case of injury we still have Coty and BWW. Also, just imagine Finny back there with Pollard - talk about a fear factor....
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