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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Smart***Titan, Apr 25, 2007.

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  1. Smart***Titan

    Smart***Titan Camp Fodder

    OK, here is how it would shake out if I were the GM this weekend (God save us all).
    Before we go, here are some disclaimers. First, I am working under the assumption that Pac will be coming back next year at the very least. If Pac comes back next year or sooner, we would have Pac and Harper as starters, Hill and Finnegan to push for the nickel or one of them could actually be starting again by next year. I don't see drafting a CB in the first round this year to play a stop gap as a rookie CB. Second, I am not an advocate of drafting a wide out first round, but am happy to hear your arguments of why we should. Third, for the sake of this exercise, I am not including any trades on our part. That means no Turner, no moves up or down. I attempted to slot players based on what round they are expected to be drafted. I challenge everyone else to try to do the same thing, it will be fun to see how many people get a few of the late round guys right! By the way, I'm a bit of a UF homer.

    Rd #1- Jarvis Moss- I know... he is just a pass rusher at this point... However, he has been putting on weight, really believe that he will play at about 270 lbs next year, and has the frame to add more. Will immediately give us an improved pass rush, which will also help our secondary. If Jamaal Anderson slips, he's the pick.

    Rd #2- Sidney Rice- Most scouts agree that we could have been a top 15 pick next year if he had stayed in school, I think he is going to impress some people in a year or two. Additional consideration for Steve Smith if he's there, or Gonzo. If all three off the board, Craig Davis is a consideration.

    Rd #3- Chris Henry- I didn't want to like this guy, but the more I've read, the more I see a guy with a lot of potential. He does have some questions, but when you look at any of the RB's past the top two, there are a lot of questions. Another person at RB that I personally have been impressed with is Tony Hunt out of Penn State.

    Rd #4- Marcus Thomas- OK, I understand that with Pac, we have already been there and done that with the character guys. However, Thomas's issues have not been anywhere near the same as pac's. He tested postive for marijuana, was suspended, tested positive again and was suspended. This was overturned due to the fact that the positive test was only two weeks after the initial positive and was probably (possibly is the better term) from the same incident. Urban Meyer made him get serious, kicked him off the team for being late for curfew. (He was out after midnight on Halloween with his girlfriend at a local amusement park... Not exactly a Vegas strip club.) This guy is a first round talent, whom I believe ,as did several others, to be one of the top two DT's in the entire draft.

    Rd #4- Kenny Scott- Underrated CB out of Georgia Tech, lot of upside

    Rd #5- Manuel Ramirez- Underrated G out of Texas Tech, good size, good motor, and has a mean streak- something the Titans value.

    Rd# 6- Juwan Simpson - Undersized LB out of Alabama, has had some character issues as well, but is fast and can play.

    Rd# 6- Tim Mixon- Small CB out of Cal, also a great returner. Not a lot of people have seen him due to the fact that he missed all of last season with an ACL tear. His 40 times are not all that accurate due to the fact that he tore his ACL in August. He is only 5'9", but definately has some upside

    Rd#6- Dallas Baker- Really developed over his time at Florida, has great hands, he is not a burner, but has great height. He was our leading receiver at Florida last year, and really turned into a weapon on the way to our National Championship.

    Rd#7- Syvelle Newton- This guy started at three positions just last year for South Carolina: QB, WR, and S, and played all three pretty well. He will probably be a WR in the NFL, has good arm strength and could really be a nightmare to cover if used correctly. Could also be used as a returner and special teams.

    Some other Florida guys that bare mentioning with late picks... Joe Cohen- played DT/ DE, is now over 300 lbs, very athletic for his size, also put up very good numbers on the weight bench. He actually started out as a tailback, was the #1 overall rated FB/HB in the nation coming out of high school. (he kinda grew). Jemalle Cornelius is a UF wide out who never really got his due, has good speed, and could really be a good #3 or 4 receiver for somebody. My overall 7th round sleeper is Sam Olajubutu, a LB out of Arkansas. His main negative is going to be his size... he is just under 5'9". However, he weighs about 234 lbs, and ran a 4.7 forty. The guy was a tackling machine in college, in a system where he does not have to take on O-lineman, he could be bank.
  2. DCtitan49

    DCtitan49 Guest

    no to moss, yes to Rice, id take hunt over Henry any day, more fire in him.
  3. The Playmaker

    The Playmaker pineapple pizza party

    Yes to Moss unless someone great drops, don't like Rice because of injuries, what about Kenny Irons if not him Tony Hunt, agree about Scott, like Ramirez, we don't need a fast LB we need one to plug up running lanes, rest I don't care but a player who can play 3 positions late in draft I don't like.
  4. GLinks

    GLinks Second Gear

    I won't argue with your draft, and after a few drinks, I would see the bright side. I don't know if Moss falls, how far, so if we have him as the #4 DE, I can see it happening -- at least I have to allow for it.

    Kudos for resisting the urge to select Dallas Baker higher.

    Swap Marcus Thomas and Chris Henry and you've got a deal. Henry is one of those guys I want to spring on in the 4th, and I'm not real sure Thomas will last that long.
  5. Fry

    Fry Welcome to the land of tomorrow!

    i think we could get thomas much lower than the fourth. i've seen a lot pundits saying he might not get drafted.
  6. Sukrillux

    Sukrillux Guest

    Would it be too weird to draft Bulluck's nephew, MLB Kelvin Smith Jr. in a later round? Bulluck claims that he is "more physical than himself." I know nothing about his play at Syracuse, but he looks like he could be a great LB option for us.
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