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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Jevoncurse, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. 5tweezyPOT

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    this is gotitans.com aint no Brightside allowed round here!
  2. Dman

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    It would be bright around here if we could win some games but we have failed to do that and reality sets in. Munch and Locker going bye bye is a bright side!
  3. RTH

    RTH Meh...

    Watching a Baseball game on TV is nearly unbearable to me.

    Actually going to a Reds game here..? That's an enjoyable experience - and I don't care about Baseball, at all. Fun time, though. Relaxing and just a damned cool experience.
  4. 5tweezyPOT

    5tweezyPOT Pro Bowler

    baseball suckssssss id rather watch golf at least they move around
  5. kenny

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    OK folks, here's the thing.......THERE IS NO BRIGHT SIDE!!!!! We lose close games because our coaching staff has no creativity, has no game plan, basically has no clue, and is way too predictable! We have talented young players. The problem is that they are being corrupted by an inadequate coaching staff. My hope at this point is that this is the last year they get to squander the talent we have. However, my realistic fear is that the owners will make the same mistakes Bud Adams did, putting too much loyalty into the decisions that must be made. The other problem we now face is that not only do we suck, but so do many other teams this year. Which means we will pick in the mid to late rounds of the draft. As we have already established, if we do not get a great talent they are lost and not used correctly because we have NO ONE that can properly develop them.

    To address that we have kept games close.... We have not played a high powered offense this year. Everyone says the Chiefs are tough, and they are, but they are not a high scoring offense. Let's see how this week goes against Denver. If they do not pull Peyton by the 4th I will be happy. I am not a pessimist. I like our talent on D in some places, but as long as we play Grayball (Playing 10yds off receivers & no blitzes) we will not be capable of stopping Denver. Gregg Williams HAS made a difference, but Gray still has too much control and should have been gone after his first season!!
  6. kenny

    kenny Starter

    BTW.... I was STUNNED when we spent over $20 million in free agency let alone $100!!!! DO NOT LOOK FOR ANYTHING NEAR THAT THIS YEAR!!! Kam Wimbley is not a DE he is a Pass Rushing OLB, signing him to a $35 million dollar deal was nuts to use him as a DE and expect great results. Now he is a $35 million dollar seat warmer and cap eater. If used properly I think he could still be effective, however, that will not happen with our coaching staff or lack there of. To be honest it would be crazy for the owners to spend any more money at all for free agents if they do not change the coaching staff. Keeping a DC that gave up the most yardage in team history is just an example of how clueless our Head Coach is and shows a real lack of back bone from our GM for allowing it.
  7. RavensShallBurn

    RavensShallBurn Ruck the Favens


    I agree that there are no moral victories and that winning is all that matters, but when you got blown out by 20+ in 7/10 losses last season, it definitely is a major improvement that we've only lost by double digits once all year.

    It is important to notice some sort of progress. It gives me a little hope for the future, assuming we rid this team of every last coach on that sidelines.

    Just a QB and HC away from contending... and I realize that's a lot to ask. I've been asking for this for nearly a decade now, so sooner or later it's gotta happen, right?
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    So what HC are available? Do they get a college coach like Philly did with Chip Kelly or get someone with experience like Cowher, Lovie Smith or Chucky?

    As a QB, personally I don't think Locker is the answer, I agree with previous posts we need someone that can win games and stay healthy. So do we draft one? FA, who's available? Trade for someone? Mallett from NE? Big Ben?
    wonder what Seattle would want for Russell Wilson? lol

    I would be firing our scouting dept along with the coaching staff
  9. kenny

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    There is a huge point there about the scouting staff. We have used high draft picks on players who have obviously not been M worth them. However I do see value in Zach Brown, Akeem Ayers, Jason McCourtney, Justin Hunter (Although trading up to get him was a mistake), Nate Washington, Levitre, Brian Schweinke (Steal of the draft), Mike Roos, Delanie Walker, and Shonne Greene. These guys are not top tier, no doubt, but what team has this many top tier players??? Denver, Seattle, maybe New England. The real problem is that the players I listed above need development and we do not have an adequate coaching staff to do so. I see a lot of talent on this team, we can contend with the right coaching and QB. We lack REAL leadership on offense and defense. Our QB is only as accurate as he has been do to the gameplan that has been installed to hide his glaring inaccuracy, our MLB is a cast off from the Colts (Who KILL us every game even though they lack talent as much as us). Our MLB should be the QB on defense. He calls the plays, has the mic, and calls the audibles for the defense. Without a real leader in those KEY positions and a coach to develop the players we have we will not contend. As far as Head Coaching candidates I do not have a real choice, Jay Gruden looks great and knows QBs. As far as a QB I like Derek Carr. I know he plays for a small scholl, but watching him this year he has been great against big defenses and awesome against weak ones. I know I will probably hear it about Carr, but he is an obvious upgrade over Locker and can be developed into a game changer.With the right coaching.
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