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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Titans2004, Mar 24, 2021.

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    Having a pair of top quality OTs is nice but last season more or less proved that isn't an absolute necessity. What we need are decent players across the OL with no major weaknesses. After all we were one of the least sacked OLs and had a running back run for 2000 yards with an average RT and 2nd and 3rd string LTs a good part of the year.
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    Guard in the first
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    You would think that, but there's a ton of guys coming out of college that specialize in pass pro. Because the college game has gone so spread happy, it has actually gotten harder and harder to find guys that can play well in some of the more traditional NFL schemes. That's why you constantly see NFL teams spending first round picks on OL. It's really, really hard to find guys that are good at run and pass pro.

    There's tons of guys that are solid in pass, but NFL coaches don't like them because they can't get in a 3 pt stance and pull in a power run scheme to save their life. It takes a premier athlete to have the hip flexibility and short area quickness to get out on some of the more difficult reach blocks in zone or pull across the formation and get there in time to kick a defender out before your RB hits the hole.
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  4. Ontario Titan

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    I brought this up because I read that Lamm is a better run blocker than pass protector....just thought that maybe you go with Lamm on possible run downs but then rotate in Sambraillo on obvious passing downs...one thing that this type of thing would do is force somebody on the defense to pay attention as to which OT was in the game....not just how many WRs or TEs we put on the field
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    They probably won't swap OTs but Sambrailo had a solid 70 pff rating run blocking (better than Kelly or Queensberry) last year (not as good in pass protection) and Lamm only allowed one sack in 113 snaps and was rated better than Tunsil or Matthews overall and had a 72 run blocking grade. Now Lamm's grade was only for 113 snaps but it looks like he could be the starter with Sambrailo as the swing backup.
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    No o-line in rounds 1 or 2 and really not in 3 we have other holes. Time for us to find people in 4-7 rounds we need WR, CB, and OLB and maybe D-line with first 4 or 5 picks, and even maybe a TE over any T or G
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    Depends on where there is value IMO. If the next Dave Stewart is available in the 3rd and no better alternatives at another position take the best value. Just taking a player in the 1-3 rounds doesn't make them any good. Plus if given a choice I'd always take the big guy of equal value and take my chances on the other guys later.
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    I agree, but we should have kept Kelly. Cutting him for the small savings we gained was stupid.
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    Yup - Which on some scale needs to change.

    3rd and 8. Derrick Henry out, Pass blocking RB in..... "EVERYONE PLAY QUARTERS AND UNDERNEATH, THEY'RE THROWING IT."

    No matter how ugly it may be at first (or even all the way through) we have to at least make an attempt to fool the defense that Derrick could be running an HB route here... or it could be a stretch run...

    You sell your offense down the river when you don't have that capacity.
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