Okoye on fast track to NFL

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by ONUV, Mar 27, 2007.

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    Louisville DT Amobi Okoye ran a 4.85 40 at 305 lbs. at his Pro Day workout on Monday. That is impressive speed for a man his size. At only 19 years of age, Okoye's fast 40 just might have moved him ahead of Michigan's Alan Branch in the DT slotting. Okoye's upside is tremendous. His teammate, RB Kolby Smith, ran a 4.51 40 at 215 lbs. Meanwhile, his running mate Michael Bush could only watch the proceedings as he is recovering from a second surgery on his broken leg. Before the injury, Bush probably would have been a high draft choice but that is now cloudy until he can prove to NFL bigwigs that he is truly healthy ... At Kansas State, RB Thomas Clayton ran a 4.58 40 at 211 lbs. He also had a 36-inch vertical and a 10-foot-2 broad jump. ILB Zach Diles ran a 4.76 40 at 240 lbs. He figures to get looks as a core special teamer. Speedy WR and ace special teams gunner Yamon Figurs stood on his Combine results.
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    Did Okoye start school at 2 years old or something?
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    Lee High School: Originally hails from Anambra, Nigeria ... extremely bright ... size, speed and work ethic are pluses ... tested into the ninth grade as a 12-year-old when his family moved to Huntsville from Nigeria ... played three years of prep football ... took up the sport as a sophomore, knowing next to nothing about the game ... started 13 games on the defensive line as a 13-year-old ... played both ways, earning honorable mention all-state honors as a junior ... logged 60 tackles and nine sacks, earning first-team All-State honors on both sides of the ball as a senior.
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    First NFL player younger than me :tj:
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