OK there are lots of holes to fill on where do we go......

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitansCountry25, Dec 20, 2005.

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    With this season coming to an end and after two losing seasons and losing free agents and not having the means to replace them basically tying the hands as far as the Titans growing except through the draft and very very slight moves in free agency.

    In the 2006 off season free agency and the draft Titans faitful give some of your ideas where and what hole the Titans need to address. Obviously I think theres needs on both sides of the ball. Sunday against the Seahawks has been the story of Titans D for a while having the chance to stop an opposing offense and saving the game and coming up short. As well as the offense being very sparatic and just not together. However, there has been glimpses of good things going on and I say give it a good year under Chow and things will start to turn around I think.

    This is where i feel the titans need to address:

    They need to find either out of Roby, Williams, Calico, Bennett, or Jones a #1 WR and I think there is some talent there I just do not see that game breaker or that sure thing at the number one spot like old sure handed Mason was. I see a few WR on the free agency but none really impress me you have Reggie Wayne who is clearly a good #2 in Indianapolis and I dunno if he could be a #1. I would like to see some kind of trade deal for someone of the Eric Moulds who i think would be bad *** under Mcnair say maybe Volek and draft pick or something.

    The O line needs to be addressed and I see Jon Runyan might be available come 2006????

    Defense where do we start we cant stop the run or the pass against any credible offense power houses Colts, Pittsburgh, San Diego, or Seattle yes we kept it close sunday but the Alexander put almost 200 yards and a TD where no one even breathed on him hard. The Defensive Line at times looks solid with KVB and Odom but between the two the very undendable either health or play wise just has not shown up to be that dominating force that everyone is hoping. Except Bulluck who is just incredible the LB just cant cover anyone or seem to be constantly in the wrong spots and any slight play action leaves them all over the place and the Seahawks just gashed them all day so I feel help at LB could be addressed in the draft. I beleive someone posted their mock draft suggestiong AJ HAWK which would of course be nice if he can meet his potential in the big leagues.

    The DBs at the Cornerspot I think there is some hope there with Pacman coming along in his progression and the 7th round Renyaldo Hill has shown to be a pretty nice pick up with pleanty of things to learn but how many other nfl teams are starting a 7th round draft pick against top end WR's but thats the position they have put themselves.

    At FS and SS i think they need to go and make a move in the FA circuit. Since the days or Fire and Ice there just has not been any consistancy there. I think Chavos from the Vikings is going to be on the market.

    I am very passionate about this Franchise and want to see it do so bad I can taste it. So please all of you let me know what direction in those positions you think that the Titans should go. Thanks GO TITANS!!!!!!
  2. Fry

    Fry Welcome to the land of tomorrow!

    "I feel help at LB could be addressed in the draft. I beleive someone posted their mock draft suggestiong AJ HAWK which would of course be nice if he can meet his potential in the big leagues."

    my sig tells it all.:lol:
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    Well, there really isn't a need to ask. We've all been discussing this for awhile. If you look around a bit on here and on the draft board, you'll certainly find some prospects of interest and thoughts on what we need to address this off season.

    But to put things short, many feel that LB, S, OL, QB need to be addressed via Draft/FA. Sadly with the way things are shaping up in the draft deptartment, I don't think we'll get our QB this year. However, at our current position, and if we fall a spot or two, we can grab some exciting guys at our areas of need and not be neccessarily reaching, like it would be if we were in the top 5. Guys like Michael Huff, Darnell Bing, A.J. Hawk, Ahmad Brooks, etc. As for the #1 WR thing, it's tough to say what's going on there. We just drafted three very talented and promising WR's and have two aged player's, who have equal talent/potential, under-performing at the moment. Bennett hasn't exactly lit things up as the supposed #1 and Calico has been extremely disappointing and dropping half of whats thrown his way. Granted, Calico is coming off a severe injury that takes atleast 1 to 2 years to get back where you left off. Although, after thinking things over, I feel it's best to give Calico another season to prove himself; hopefully he'll be back to where he was during the 2004 pre-season. If he turns out to be a bust, well atleast we have three WR's to show that their #1 material. Last, but certainly not least, the OLine. We need to overhaul the current one and go back to the drawing board. Luckily for us, the FO has been planning for this and have drafted accordingly. Hartwig is a UFA, Olson and Hopkins are likely to be cut, and Piller is likely to suffer the same fate as well. So you have 3-4 possible starters looking to be gone, all of which could be replaced at the moment with current personnel. For depth we'll either look to FA or Draft.


    • our areas in need of improvement are LB, S, the entire OLine, a new franchise QB.
    • #1 WR will not be looked at either in FA or Draft, although a WR could be selected in the mid-rounds if a promising prospect falls
    • Sirmon, Olson, Hopkins, Tank Williams, Boiman, Kassell, Hartwig, Piller are either likely to be cut, gone via FA, or restructured in order to save us some more money.
    • We will be active in FA this year because we'll have the cash to do so, that's a fact
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