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Discussion in 'Gear' started by VolnTitan, Feb 26, 2009.

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    Word of warning on that set up....be VERY careful using your Plasma for surfing the internet alot. Will cause burn in. Plasmas today are much, much better than the old ones with burn in, but static graphics still can cause it.
  2. World Peace

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    I dont use it 24 7 by any means but I have noticed that this is something you do not want to do alot. I left up my desktop (and my wallpaper, of course is a row of titans helmets) so when the screen changed to a white screen, i could still see the titans helmets for a few seconds. I bought mine quite recently like you said I try to be really careful. I never leave it on when Im not using it. I have a 22" lcd for my desktop and payed good money for it so I use that as my primary :p
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    You can stream netflix with certain other dvd players as well. I got a blue ray player for christmas that can stream netflix.

    Pretty sure that you mean that you have to have a live account to stream netflix on the xbox though, so this may be irrelevant.
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