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    Great find. I did a little bit of research on that 1999 prediction vs what actually happened. Out of the top 6 teams in the league that year (teams with 11 or more wins) they only picked 2 of them to finish in the top 10. Out of the bottom 6 finishers (5 wins or less) guess how many of them made preseason top 10 rankings? 2 of them as well. In other words, a blindfolded chimp playing darts in a cave at midnight could do the same thing.
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    That's definitely part of the fun, that so much is unpredictable.

    However, I'll still stand with my defense that the rankings are not intended to predict season outcomes, but are intended to be the makers take on where the teams are right now. That's why during the season the rankings don't just reflect the standings based on record. If a team has had three easy wins, they might be below a team with a worse record that's playing better games. Trouble with offseason rankings is that we have even less to go on. I think the interesting thing will be to look at how these rankings compare to the pre week 1 rankings. Who will rise and who will fall between now and then?
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