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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by HoustonTitan, Jan 26, 2013.

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    This is what I think is a realistic plan of how the offseason should go...

    OG- Andy Levitre- We need to seriously get our o-line in shape (as everyone knows). We got the money, and he's the best interior o-lineman in free agency. Not much to explain.

    SS- William Moore- Moore is in the middle of his prime. He is not the best safety, but he is certainly better than what we have here in Tenn.. He should command some money, but he is a good SS who can play closer to the line, and is decent in coverage. Would love to have Byrd, but I think he is staying in Buffalo.

    ILB- Demorrio Williams- Williams is an excellent depth man at the inside linebacker position. I like McCarthy, but his injuries disturb me. We need a quality backup for the instances in which he cannot play. I will also propose drafting an ILB this year.

    DT- Glenn Dorsey- He has not lived up to his expectations. But having watching him for quite a while dating back to his college days, the kid can play. I feel his is being extremely misused, especially in a 3-4. We need quality depth, and if Dorsey can stay healthy, in my personal opinion, I think he can we good in run support and decent at creating pressure up the middle when having 3 other d-lineman lined up next to him.

    I know there's a few notable names on the list. On the other hand we've got a decent amount of cap space. I think these signings will allow us to draft the best available players at other needs come a few months. Mind you, I haven't looked into how much these players will demand in free agency, not calculated cap numbers; but these four players should be attainable.

    TE- Jared Cook- Like it or not, he is a good receiving tight end, and the prototypical athlete at the tight end position that is becoming the norm around the league. Under the use of a competent play caller, he should be good tight end for years to come. Especially if bolster our o-line, his weaknesses in blocking can be hid.

    C- Fernando Velasco- I think he can be our starting center for another three years while we draft and groom one to our liking. He showed up strong, and is versatile. He won't demand much money and is capable of doing what is needed if we can provide some good guard play next to him.

    K- Rob Bironas- Still a very good kicker, missed on a few longer field goals this year; but hopefully with a more functional offense this upcoming year we won't be requiring him to kick many 45yd plus field goals.

    A few others can be retained for cheap for depth and what not, that I won't go into.

    1st Round 10th overall- DeMarcus Milliner CB Alabama- If the man is there we draft him. He is a big cornerback with good speed and length. With the size of receivers increasing, the days of the 5'10 corners are soon coming to an end in my opinion. We need to jump on the ball and get a corner with size, that way in 3 years we are not trying to play catch up with the rest of the league. I would love to get Chance Warmack in this spot, but with the signing of Levitre, I feel that we can still pick up a very good guard later in the draft.

    2nd Round- Barrett Jones OG/C/OT Alabama- If he is there we take him, i'd even consider moving up a few spots if they feel that he might be picked before us. This is a big hardworking guy that plays with an attitude. We draft him to play guard opposite of Levitre. This pick gets us a complete o-line that will be balanced and good at every position.

    3rd Round- Robert Woods WR USC- With this pick we get what I feel should be an early 2nd round draft pick. The kids got talent, decent size and good hands. I know, what on earth do we need another receiver for. But he is gonna be a great player, possibly our slot receiver for years to come. We take a chance on this flyer.

    4th Round- Quanterus Smith DE Western Kentucky- He's projected to go around the 3rd to 4th round, so if we can catch him on the latter it would be great for us. We need depth at the defensive end position. He has great size and is very athletic. Speed is supposedly in the upper 4'6 seconds. We will use him as a rotational defensive end and I feel he can eventually become a full time starter.

    5th Round- Denard Robinson KR/ATH- Denard Robinson is never going to be a quarterback in the NFL, nor will he be a full-time runningback. I would have loved to draft a big bruiser type runningback around this pick, but the only bigger runningback I like is Bell from Michigan State, but I think he is gone long before this pick. So why not get some speed on the field. We will use him for kickoff and punt returns. He will be deadly in that role. But also our offense I feel is going to be more creative than it has been in the pass. So having another playmaker on the field will help greatly, and the value is there in the 5th round.

    6th and 7th round- I'd probably like to see an offensive tackle and linebacker for development and depth. A full back in the 7th could be a possibility also.

    Don't kill me on my draft because I haven't fully analyzed everything I needed to. But I do feel that a few good players are going to slip as teams are going to try to take some unconventional picks on athletes rather than football players.

    QB- Jake Locker - Matt Hasselbeck
    RB- Chris Johnson - Ringer
    FB- Rookie or Johnson
    TE- Jared Cook - Stevens
    WR- Kenny Britt - Kendall Wright- Robert Woods - Damien Williams - Denard Robinson
    LT- Michael Roos
    LG- Andy Levitre
    C- Fernando Velasco
    RG- Barrett Jones
    RT- David Stewart

    Our offense will be fast, and depend on finally having our running game back to form. This will obviously open up passing lanes and play action passes for our young quarterback. Locker needs to have a running game, just like every other young quarterback. I feel with these changes and depending on Mr. Offensive Coordinator, a lot of you fans on here will have more of an optimistic outlook on Jake Locker.

    LE- Kamerion Wimbley
    RE- Derrick Morgan (who I feel will make a leap this year)
    DT- Jurrell Casey - Glenn Dorsey - Mike Martin
    OLB- Akeem Ayers
    ILB- Colin McCarthy
    OLB- Zac Brown
    CB1- DeMarcus Milliner
    CB2- Jason McCourty
    NB- A. Verner
    FS- Michael Griffin ( who will become more of a competent safety this year will improved scheming and players)
    SS- William Moore

    Our defense is young and lack experience, but we really do have some good athletic talents. We still need a beast in the middle to disrupt everything, but with only so many draft picks and money, some things will have to be covered next offseason. But we have a great young core of linebackers who I feel will wreck havoc and become household names next year. Our defensive ends last year were average, but when you go back to watch the games, they are so close to being very good. I think this year they get those almost sacks and get the missed tackles.

    I unlike many others see a defense that is going to become very good. Though we have our weakness, I think we jump into the 8th to 13th ranked defense. But of course this is only happening if our corners are not 10 yards off the receivers, and we don't wait til half the season is over before we start sending blitzes.

    Any who, bored at work, and thought I'd kill some time doing this... don't kill me on it, still early and speculations on draftees and free agency are not completed, so its hard to make predictions. But we have money to spend, and I would be pissed off if we don't spend it.

    Biggest Titans fan in Houston,
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    William Moore looks like he is going to be franchised if not resigned, going to have to look for a lesser safty. Just because we have money, doesnt mean we will spend it. I believe we had 10 mill left a few years ago and they didnt want to spend it.

    On the draft, Barrett Jones wont be there in the second round, i wish he was, but he wont. And I really doubt they go CB in first round even with that FA, O line and D line are still large needs before CB. My hope is Warmack in the first and best available D player in the second.

    I like the rest of the plan. I think Glen Dorsey can be a game changer for us. He is not a nose tackle, why he wasnt regarded as a good player. Back in a 4-3 he will a starter again.
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    Great thread and post. I agree with most of your points as far as taking players that will be playmakers and grade off the charts. At #10 we will have our pick of some damn good players on the board and I'm all for taking a big time player as long as it's not a RB or TE.

    If Woods is there in the 3rd I'd take him in a heartbeat. Dude is a baller. I don't see us taking Millner @ #10 unless he just wows our staff in workouts and I don't think that Jones will slide to the 2nd. I can appreciate the time you put into this thread and post. Definitely shows that you're aware of our areas of need and that you care.

    Glenn Dorsey would be a great add as would Levitre. I know nothing about Moore but do agree we need help at SS. I personally want Laron Landry but upgrading the spot is the important issue so I don't care who we get as long as they step up.
  4. griff33daddy

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    my only thing that i dont really understand is how you say Robert Woods is in the slot? we already have wright for that spot so robert woods would be the #4 receiver with britt, washington and wright ahead of him. On the Robinson pick we already have reynaud for the return game and i would much rather take another DE like brandon jenkins with this pick or lattimore to compete with cj...
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