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    The 2013 Tennessee Titans are a Center, Guard, RB, DE, FS, and SS away from being a complete team. Possibly a TE and a kicker also depending on what Jared Cook and Rob Bironas choose to do this coming free agency period.

    We're still about 3 months away from acquiring players, but the hunt starts today. At 4-9 we're definitely 100% out of the playoff race. So here are the soon to be free agents I want us to look at. (In no particular order)

    Center: Todd McClure – ATL, Chris Spencer – CHI, Dan Koppen – DEN, Brad Meester – JAC
    Guard: Andy Levitre – BUF, Mike Pollak – CAR, Ryan Lilja – KC, BrianWaters -- NE, Ramon Foster -- PIT, Louis Vasquez -- SD
    Now these are the two positions we missed out on last offseason, so we better not mess this up twice.
    It's only because the Titans were never really suppose to make much noise in 2012 that I'm not totally pissed we didn't land a big free agent linemen. Yea I know Steve Hutchinson was a significant signing, but he's no longer elite.

    RB: Steven Jackson -- STL, Chris Ivory -- NO, Jonathan Dwyer – PIT, Isaac Redman – PIT
    I've been pretty clear all season that I'm not happy with Chris Johnson's style or efforts, adding a 2nd RB is a MUST for the days he chooses not to play 100%. Ever since LenDale White was kicked out of town C.J. has not been as effective. Smash & Dash 2.0 anyone?

    3-4 DE: Michael Johnson – CIN, Osi Umenyiora – NYG, Casey Hampton – PIT, Jason Jones – SEA
    I feel that our next defensive coordinator needs to be a 3-4 guy, our team is 1 or 2 pieces away from making a 3-4 a real possibility.

    FS/SS: Madieu Williams – WAS, Dashon Goldson – SF, Ryan Mundy – PIT, LaRon Landry – NYJ, Pat Chung – NE, Jairus Byrd – BUF, Ed Reed – BAL, William Moore -- ATL

    We're expected to have over $20M in available cap space this offseason, and even more if we cut the fat (Amano, Hasselbeck, Griffin, Johnson).
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    Amano definitely needs to be cut and might as well dump Hass' salary too.
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    Michael Johnson and Osi are not 3-4 DEs.
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    My wishlist: Byrd, Ivory, & Q. Jammer.
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    so many safeties to replace Griffin /drool
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    Michael Johnson could play 3-4 DE.
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    I'm all for a new RB and FS. bottom line is we need our leaders to be accountable and football players, not fashion kings or bipolar deuches. We need tone setters, McCarthy is that guy, but he can't stay healthy, bring in someone who's a real leader at FS.
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    I don't see it. Sure, he's 270 but he's a speed-rusher. I'd rather have Mighty Mike and Jurrell at 34 DE.
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    We need Byrd! Too bad he'll get Franchised!
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    I like a lot of the guys mentioned above (except JJ lol), but if we can, I really feel like we should bring in guys that are from teams that have won a lot of games and have had the taste of playoffs (as long as they aren't washed up or anything) I really think that part of our problem right now is the fact that NONE or our guys know what it is like to be a real playoff contender and are okay with being mediocre. We need some new attitudes/leadership in the locker room to change that. Similar to what we did when we brought in Chris Hope, David Thornton, and Kevin Mawae. We were a young team, and we brought in some good veteran leaders that knew how to win games to balance us out. I think we need to do that again.
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