Officials Are Part of the Game, Says Mawae

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    SUMMARY: Although coach Jeff Fisher says the Titans do not game plan based on who the officials will be, some players, including veteran center Kevin Mawae, work the officials during the course of a game. "He knows all the officials by first name," said LT Michael Roos. "I think there were some calls that really went our way, partly maybe because they know Kevin or Kevin knows them. It helps having him out there being able to mediate things with the officials and talk to them if we think the defense is doing something wrong or if we want to tell them to watch stuff." "It doesn't hurt to be cordial and polite to the guys that makes the decisions," said Mawae. "It's part of the game. They're part of the game just like X's and O's and the weather. And you've got to know what you're facing."

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    Cant comlain, rather have the refs on our side than anything else
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