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  1. Preditan

    Preditan @Nashurban Staff

    So I want to try to one of the Titan's training camp sessions this summer, where will the sessions be held?
    All of the training camp sessions that are open up to the public will be held at Baptist Sports Park in Nashville, TN. Baptist Sports Park is a 31-acre practice facility with 3 full-length football fields (each field is 24 degrees west of north, just like the field at LP Field, which lets the Titans practice in the same slanting sunlight they face on Sundays). There is also an enclosed practice facility, known as the "Bubble".
    Ok, so I know where it's going down, but how do I get there?
    Enter this address on Google Maps, Mapquest, Yahoo, you'r GPS, or just break out the good ole' map.
    460 Great Circle Road
    Nashville, TN 37228
    IMPORTANT: This is the exact address to Baptist Sports Park. DON'T try to park inside the actual facility! It's reserved for the fancy media people, as well as the players. You will be denied at the gate. There is always a designated spot for visiting fans to park. The past few years, it has been in a parking lot across the street. Don't worry! It's easy to find, as it is just a few feet away from the gate to BSP, and there are bright orange cones/signs that will direct you.
    Phew! I finally made it! I'm sitting here in the parking lot, what do I do now??
    This is the part where you get out of your vehicle, close your door, lock it, and proceed onward to BSP. You will walk out of the parking lot, be greeted by a friendly security guard underneath an umbrella, and then you will run for your life across 4 lanes of open traffic!! Ok....ok, so there will be a crossing guard, so don't worry. Once you cross the street, just walk on the grass/sidewalk towards BSP.
    Ok, so I just crossed the gate at BSP, where do I go from here?
    Once you get into the parking lot at BSP, just walk towards the main building, and then follow the sidewalk to the left, and you will find the entrance to the open practice fields. However, this all depends on what time you arrived. Here are the different scenarios for an early arrival/late arrival.
    EARLY: If you arrive early (Usually 30 minutes-hour before the session is supposed to start), you will find that the gate is locked. Most likely, you will see a good number of eager people lined up against the main building waiting to get in. (I'm always one of those people). Just find the end of the line, and stand and wait!
    LATE: If you arrive JUST on time, or late , just go through the open gate (on the left of the main building), and you are in! When in doubt, just follow the person wearing titans gear, and you will easily find your way!
    I found the gate, and I see the players! Let's go see if I can get a.....
    STOP THERE! Before you proceed any further, make sure to take a pit-stop inside the giant white tent on the left (as you walk through the gate to the practice fields), and check out all the wonderful titans memorabilia. Here you can find player-worn jerseys (not many "big name" players) and tons of other great Titans things that you need in your life! Always check this tent, because mixed in all off the player-worn jersey's might be a few "big name" players! Alright, now you can proceed to go watch the players!
    I can't find a good spot without someone in front of me!
    Solution: Get there early (30 minutes early)!! I've learned the earlier, the better. I get there really early to get a good spot (since I take pictures for the forum), so that I don't have to worry about someone standing in front of me. However!!!.......The media (who are about 10 feet away from you on the sideline) love to stand directly in front of you sometimes.
    Ok..ok....good advice. You know, it's getting kinda hot out there, and I'm getting really thirsty, but I didn't bring anything to drink!
    Have no fear! $4 water is here! That's right! Just find the white tent with the over-sized coolers. That is where you can buy your overpriced water/Powerade/other drinks. There is an ambulance standing by, incase anything happens to you as a result of the heat, so try to avoid that, and buy something to drink there (preferably water).
    Also, it's totally fine to bring your own water. I've seen people set up an umbrella, lawn chair, coolers and a blanket, as if they were at the beach. I recommend you bring some sort of hydrating beverage!
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  2. Preditan

    Preditan @Nashurban Staff

    Alright, so far I am doing good. I've got a good spot where I can see the players, and I've got a refreshing bottle of water. So what am I actually watching the players do out there?
    Watch them practice, duh! Actually, behind all of the simplicity of what goes on at a training camp session, there lies a strict and complex schedule. Let's say you get there right on time. As you stand there in the sun, you will watch the players come out of BSP, talking/joking/smiling with each other, as they prepare to stretch/warm up. Once all the players are out, they will all line up, and when the whistle is blown, they will all run up and down the field a couple times, before retreating to their stretching/warm up spot.
    After everyone warms up, that is when positional drills take place. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect:
    Running Back Drills: Wanna see CJ's hair up close? Your in luck. Most of the time, RB drills are done at the very far-end of the field (The end farthest away from the bubble/building.).
    Quarter Back Drills: You can watch the QB drills, which are usually held in the middle of the field near the far-end sideline (the sideline farthest away from the fence).
    Wide Receiver Drills: You will find the WR's near the sideline (closest to the fence). Here you can get a really up-close view of all the WR's.
    Kicker/Punter drills: one really cares. BUT...if you do! Just look for the ball that is flying 100 feet in the air!
    Defense Drills: They are usually on the field opposite to the offense.
    Ok, drills are over, what's happening now!?!
    This is where the good stuff starts! We're talking 2v2 drills ( 2 WR's against 2 CB's, each WR/CB lined up on each side of the field, with 2 QB's throwing to each receiver.) This a fun competition to watch. Once those are over, things start to get heated up, and more and more players get involved in the action (full scrimmage plays). Usually in the first week, the players don't wear pads, so the intensity isn't as high as it is later on in training camp.
    Wow, those guys are making some great plays! I have to bring my camera next time! Wait...cameras are allowed, right?
    Yes!! Cameras are allowed, but recording videos/video cameras are strictly prohibited! (Sorry Patriot fans).
    I think the session just ended....I guess that's it for the day, right?
    Wrong! Now is your chance to get autographs! Each training camp session, a certain group of players sign autographs after each practice. You will find these players (along with a HUGE crowd of people) at the fence that is closest to the bleachers/white tent/entry-gate. Be aware, it gets really crowded (some people camp out on the fence for the entire practice, just so they can be one of the first people to get an autograph.) But this is the best chance you will ever get to get an autograph from your favorite Titan player!
    Woo! I got a couple autographs! What now?
    This is the part where you leave, cross 4-lane traffic, unlock your vehicle, get inside, and drive away. You will be exhausted, tired and hot, but in the end, it was an incredible experience! So relax, get a good nights sleep, and get ready for the next camp practice!
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    JCBRAVE 2017 Pick'em Champion Tip Jar Donor

    Haha, like how you asked questions then answered them. Nice job.
  4. LUVYA2toneBLUE

    LUVYA2toneBLUE Camp Fodder

    lol nice! i hope i get a chance to make it out there some day to attend a training camp practice or two
  5. The Playmaker

    The Playmaker pineapple pizza party

    Hoping to make one this year, doubtful.
  6. 2ToneBlueBlood

    2ToneBlueBlood Starter

    Always an amazing experience. Every Titans fan should go to at least one per year. You get closer to the action than the best seat at LP Field can give you!
  7. Titanup1982

    Titanup1982 Pro Bowler

    I'll be going to watch a couple of days. I was going to go the first week, but I think I may just go the 2nd week while they are in full pads.
  8. TitansWrath

    TitansWrath Pro Bowler

    Tuesdays are my day off, so I am gonna try to get to one this year. I've never been, should be fun.

    I assume I would get thrown out if I heckle Amano?
  9. Thaddeus43

    Thaddeus43 Pro Bowler

    Probably, but you should do it anyway
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