Official 2k14 FF Advice Thread

Discussion in 'Titan Cup/Fantasy Football' started by Scarecrow, Aug 21, 2014.


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    Normally Garcon gets the starts no matter who he's facing, but Cousins is sucking it up bad for the Skins the past 2 weeks. Can't count on him right now with poor QB play.
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    I need a wr and flex options are cj spiller bishop Sankey Kendall wright and Alex(?) Burns...who do I go with
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    Have my lineups mostly set for the week but I still have a couple tough ones.....

    Desean Jackson or Michael Floyd- Both of these guys are very "boom or bust". Normally I'd start Floyd over Jackson but I'm kinda down on him after his 1 reception on 7 targets game last week. Leaning Jackson.

    Spiller or Tate- Tate surprisingly looked like the clear #1 back in that backfield last week against us. But PIT has been pretty good against the run. Spiller got benched last week but Jackson could be out or limited and the Pats can be run on. This is pretty much a case of "more productive guy versus tough mathcup" or "less productive guy versus easier matchup". Leaning Tate.