Offense sputters but has faced top defenses

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    Looking at the total defense rankings through 6 weeks the Titans have played 5 of the top 6 teams in the league.

    #1 Texans
    #2 Seattle
    #3 Carolina
    #4 Jets
    #5 KC
    #6 Steelers

    The 49ers are currently #9 with the Titans being #10.

    It is crazy that the Texans are allowing only 255 yds a game yet are giving up over 28.5 points per game. I guess those pick 6s add up.
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  2. Dman

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    the cows suck! They will also be giving up more points because their offense is in shambles now. They have no idea where to go in their qb situation, schaub sucks this year and yates is not any better. Doom and Gloom for Texans and their fans. I wish I could be there to serve them some humble pie :)
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    The Titans must figure out a way to throw the ball more effectively. Literally every team we play sells out to stop our running game. Why wouldn't they? You had a young, inexperienced QB in Jake Locker. While Jake is improving and starting to turn the corner, you're gonna wait until the passing game forces you to back off of the run by consistently moving the ball down the field. Now, we have Ryan Fitzpatrick. Fitz has not only been weak in the ares we expect him to be, he's also been woefully inaccurate on pretty much every type of throw. I'll bet every time we completed a slant last Sunday, the receiver was not hit in stride. We started the season worried about Jake's accuracy, but would welcome Jake's accuracy right now. The Titans must block better, but as Munch eluded to the other day, teams aren't going to back down from focusing on the run until the Titans leave them no choice. We all get frustrated with the results when we hand the ball to CJ lately, but watch the defense from the snap. They are flat out daring the Titans to air it out. The Titans have talented receivers too. If the the Titans could just develop chemistry (and accuracy) in the passing game, I absolutely believe we would see some big runs from CJ too.
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  4. TitanJeff

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    One of the reasons these teams have top-rated defenses is they've played the Titans.

    Look at how the Titans have run against these teams vs. the others who have played them and it's clear that the problems with the offense goes well beyond the defenses they've played.
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    JCBRAVE Enjoy it while it lasts Tip Jar Donor

    Whats even worse about that is when you take away QB scrambles, our run game is absolutely pathetic on paper. Goes from 15th to 26th.
  6. rodgev

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    Not just on paper my friend
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  7. 5tweezyPOT

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    I doubt over 6 games our games hold enough weight to make these teams top 6 nfl defenses....cmon now, weve played really good defenses, and are at 3-3 that could be a lot better than that, were looking good guys. our o will explode after the bye.
  8. TitanJeff

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    Point being, compare the Titans effectiveness beside other teams who have played those defenses to see where they stack up.
  9. The Hammer

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    We have played some very strong DLs which could contribute to OL struggles. Given that we have three new starters, one of whom is a rookie, and an established started hobbled with a bum ankle.
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    I dont like to look ahead but the way Fitz is playing the bye week cant come fast enough. Schedule does ease up a bit in terms of defenses.

    Rams #23
    Jax #22
    Indy #11
    Oak #13
    Indy #11

    I'm not sold on Indy. After watching Rivers last night dink and dunk with a bunch of no name receivers cant help but think the Titans will be clicking on offense by then not to mention the defense will be firing on all cylinders at that point in the season.
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