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    Yep it was too harsh. When mariota and Murray were healthier, others praised the creativity of the offense. Especially the td to Smith out of the H back position. Now the defense sucks and needs a change from the ancient one.
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    Until we get rid of the predictable pound up the middle on first down, this team will underachieve. Be a run team first, no problem. Be a predictable run team , that's a big F**king problem.
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    This pretty much.

    I would love to see the 1st down run vs pass ratio. I bet its like 22 runs on 1st downs ans its like 9 passes on 1st downs.
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    Titans gonna score as many TDs this week as they did last week.

    4-3. No problems here. Keep it moving. :bliss:
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    Haha ok if you say so bud.
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    You haven't watched Carson Wentz then. Dude makes throws from a dirty pocket Mariota wouldn't dream of.
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    As crazy as it may sound but it seems as if Mariota is kind of playing scared this year. Mentally I dont think his over his injury. Re watching that play were he under threw Walker was pretty bad.
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    Last season I said Mariota had to improve on his fumbles.

    This season I am saying Mariota has to improve on ball placement. He has to hit the receivers in stride instead of making them jump, fall, reach, etc. for the ball. If we ever want our receivers to get YAC it starts with Mariota's ball placement which as of right now is less than great.
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    Wentz has absolutely showed out this season, I'm just trying to put things in perspective. Wentz is a bigger guy who can survive more in a dirty pocket, but Marcus can do all sorts of things Wentz can only dream of too.

    Mariota still has outstanding pocket awareness and moves around extremely well in it so that he doesn't have to deal with a dirty pocket as much, finds great throwing lanes, and has been outstanding on 3rd down and long this season (I don't know the numbers, but it has to be pretty good from watching him). He also is doing a much better job of getting the ball out quicker as evidenced by the fact that he's only taken 5 sacks through 6 games this season. That's 1 sack per every 35 attempts. That's Tom Brady territory. Oh and he still runs a 4.4 when he's not on a bum leg.

    Wentz is the new hotness, and good for him. But don't be the guy that sits there and wishes his girlfriend was that girl that just walked by and forget about the 10 that's also a doctor sitting next to you.
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    I feel like we're all trying to point the finger at one thing or another, whether it's Robiskie, WR's, Mariota, the secondary, or the RB's, but no one's really saying much about where I think a lot of our issues are stemming from on both sides of the ball, the O and D lines.

    I've seen too many times where runs are getting stuffed in the backfield or the line of scrimmage and neither Murray nor Henry are able to do anything because they're getting met as soon as they get the ball. I think it's coming from the inside, and I'd have to watch the tape to see who's to blame on that, but it's been ugly.

    We're not built to be a spread team, so if the run is going no where, that adds up and makes everything worse. The play calling has been woeful, but the execution has been just as bad.

    As for the DL, there's just zero pressure being put on QB's by our front 4. Casey is the only guy worth his paycheck. Rak and Morgan aren't adding much, and Klug, Jones, and Johnson have combined for nothing this season. Not sure what the answer is though other than just bringing more guys on the blitz, which makes our secondary even more vulnerable.

    The OL may be a correctable issue through a reshuffle of the line or just some technique issue, but I'm not so sure about the DL. I just don't think we have much talent on that part of our team.

    TL;DR our lines are sucking and need to get their **** fixed during the bye week or we're sunk.