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    OAKLAND, Calif. Titans linebacker Zach Brown made a big play early against the Raiders — his second-quarter interception set up a field goal.

    But it was a play he didn’t make later that he thought might leave him with nightmares.

    Brown was in coverage on Oakland’s go-ahead touchdown pass in the fourth quarter. He let Raiders fullback Marcel Reece slip behind him for a 27-yard touchdown with 6:10 left.

    It gave Oakland a 19-16 lead, and had the Titans on the verge of their sixth loss in seven games.

    “He got me on that,” Brown said. “It was a good throw by their quarterback, and a good catch by him. When that happened, I was sick. I told the guys on offense, ‘Sorry I made it hard for you. I didn’t mean to.’

    “I told all those guys I’m sorry. But they all told me, ‘We’ve got you.’ And I had faith in them.”

    The Titans drove 80 yards in six minutes and won 23-19 on Kendall Wright’s 10-yard touchdown catch with 10 seconds left.

    Wright said the Titans defenders were mad when they gave up the late score.

    “But we told them we had their backs,” he said. “We didn’t want the game to end like that.”

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    Bernard Pollard did a great job of breaking up another Brown interception.
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    yeah - thats why those guys are on D - lol
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