Oddsmaker: Broncos, Patriots, Packers heaviest divisional favorites

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    The Denver Broncos have won their division in each of the last three years, and if it seems like they are heavy favorites to win the AFC West for a fourth-straight year, one well-known Las Vegas sports book agrees with that sentiment.

    The LVH Las Vegas Hotel and Casino’s SuperBook has installed Denver as a 2-to-7 favorite to win the AFC East in 2014. No other club is a shorter-priced favorite to win its division. To put it in money terms, a successful $10 bet on the Broncos would return a profit of a little less than $3.

    In addition to the Patriots, four other clubs are less than even-money, or 1-to-1 odds, to capture their divisions at the LVH. In the AFC, the Patriots are 4-to-13 favorites in the East, while Colts are 4-to-5 to win the South. In the NFC, the Packers are 5-to-8 to win the North for the fourth straight year, and the Seahawks are 10-to-11 favorites in the West.

    On the other end of the spectrum, six clubs are 10-to-1 or greater to win their divisions. The Bills are 10-to-1 in the AFC East, while the Cardinals and Rams are 10- and 12-to-1, respectively, in the NFC West.

    The Vikings, 18-to-1 in the NFC North, are the longest shots to win any of the conference’s four divisions.

    However, the AFC is home to the two biggest long shots, with the Raiders (AFC West) and Jaguars (AFC South) both 30-to-1 to win their divisions.

    Here’s the complete list of divisional odds from the LVH:

    AFC EastPatriots: 4-to-13.
    Dolphins: 9-to-2.
    Jets: 8-to-1.
    Bills: 10-to-1.

    AFC North
    Bengals: 8-to-5.
    Ravens: 9-to-4.
    Steelers: 9-to-4.
    Browns: 6-to-1.

    AFC South
    Colts 4-to-5.
    Texans: 13-to-5.
    Titans: 13-to-5.
    Jaguars: 30-to-1.

    AFC West
    Broncos: 2-to-7.
    Chargers: 5-to-1.
    Chiefs: 5-to-1.
    Raiders: 30-to-1.

    NFC East
    Eagles: 8-to-5.
    Cowboys: 9-to-4.
    Giants: 9-to-4.
    Redskins: 9-to-2.

    NFC North
    Packers: 5-to-8.
    Lions: 3-to-1.
    Bears: 7-to-2.
    Vikings: 18-to-1.

    NFC South
    Saints: 5-to-4.
    Panthers: 5-to-2.
    Falcons: 3-to-1.
    Buccaneers: 5-to-1.

    NFC West
    Seahawks: 10-to-11.
    49ers: 6-to-5.
    Cardinals: 10-to-1.
    Rams: 12-to-1.