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Discussion in 'Gear' started by Puck, Oct 9, 2008.

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  1. Puck

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    yeah, I'm taking this opportunity to grab a (last-gen) 17" MacBook Pro for $1g less than it was on Monday, there were just too many things missing (and added) that are slaps to the face in the new ones

    1) no matte option .... this is the #1 reason why some diehards aren't upgrading
    2) new proprietary Mini-Display. mDP to DV to DV to HDMI - too many converters needed
    3) removal of Firewire on Macbook and Fw400 on the Pro's - gotta be kidding
    4) personally, I find it to be ugly, a black aluminum would've rocked though
    5) dual Video card YAY!!..wtf, only 1 at a time ? they could have underclocked the 9600
    6) where's the economy sucks aggressive pricing ?
    7)at some point, I had hoped they would add a right-click button to the trackpad, BUT NOOO, they friggin removed the button altogether...it's the entire trackpad ... ?

    hahahahaa, that's what alot of the haters are cringing about .... and I can see the dilemna. I like Firewire, and have several fw400 devices and no fw800 , my wife has the glossy screen - it's not so bad as long as you don't have direct lighting (track) or tons of windows, I don't normally run my laptops to ext monitors, but if I want to I don't want to track down several different unique proprietary cables (expensive to - the adapter for miniDisplayPort to ? (vga or dvi) is like $100 and won't be available til mid- November, and there's no concrete information on a mini-dp to hdmi)

    it's kind of a shame
    Jobs has stopped listening to his core userbase
    and seems to be catering to the PC convert crowd now
Thread Status:
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