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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by abc2330, Sep 20, 2019.

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  1. TorontoTitanFan

    TorontoTitanFan Pro Bowler

    You might be right, but then he should have been cut years ago. Paying him $20 million this year if you don't believe he's capable of running a modern NFL offense is inexcusable.
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  2. Daqueef

    Daqueef Special Teams Standout

    LaFleur is terrible.
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  3. Tewa Titan

    Tewa Titan Starter

    FedEx boy is over his head, all he's doing is trying to recreate Mularkys offence. It's not working because MM is not great as a drop back QB. This is what perplexes me about coaches in the NFL, you draft a guy and then take what he does best and you go the opposite way, square peg round hole. Whiz drafts MM who played a lot out of shotgun in Oregon and says no we dont do that run these 7 step drop backs instead of designing a offence to take advantage of do what your player does best, and over the course of time sprinkle in the time under center as the young player learns.

    Lamar Jackson from the Ravens, they let him do what he did well in college and run a lot never forced the issue of making him a under center passer, and over the off-season and training camp worked to refine his play and worked to add more time with him staying in the pocket and your seeing the benefits of that.

    You could say the samething about the the OL, went from Russ Grim simplified man on man blocking scheme to this Zone blocking scheme, some of the players we had then were/are still here and again it's square peg round hole. My point being this has a lot to do with coaching. We need to just start using our players at what they do best or fine better position coach's to teach these new skills.

    JCBRAVE goTitans 2019 Survivor Champion

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  5. TitanJeff

    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande Staff

    This thread should be "OL Apology Thread" because there's not an OC in the league who can be successful when their OL is a sieve.
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  6. abc2330

    abc2330 Starter

    3 sacks occurred in the average time or less it takes for the QB to get the ball out. I think it was 1 the week before, 1-2 the week before that. The issue was that mariota was so ineffective in the first half going 6/16 for 66 yard (1 sack allowed at this point) that the run was taken out of the equation and we were forced to drop back with 2 reserve OL against an elite D line. Most QBs take a lot of sacks in these situations. Brady was under duress after we took the game over to the point that they had to take him out. But 9 sacks is a little absurd.
  7. Danimal

    Danimal Starter

    I believe that Marcus is so worried about throwing an interception that he won't take any chances. He holds the ball way too long and shows he is unable to make a quick decision. We just watched a rookie quarter back with reflex decision making carve up our defensive secondary in spurts. As long as we can't pass down field we will see the same results; fall behind, 8 in the box, O line expected to withstand jailbreak after jailbreak of defenders, and our quarterback holding the ball too long and making bad decisions.
    This will not get much better . . . It's in his head. Every team in the league knows how to beat the Titan's now. We are in for a long season. . . . . again .
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  8. titansrule00000

    titansrule00000 Pro Bowler

    Bring back Munch as OL coach lol
  9. SawdustMan

    SawdustMan #ChampChamp

    I've been saying the same exact thing. He has been "taking care of the football" the last few seasons. But it's come at the expense of crippling indecisiveness, more sacks, and an overall lack of positive offense.

    If you aren't making actual plays in the passing game it doesn't really matter much that you aren't turning it over.
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