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    The answer to your question is simple. There are not that many "shut down" corner backs in the entire NFL. It is hard for any team, anywhere in the draft to get one. So just cherry picking a guy who happened to be a 4th round pick and thinking it should be easy to find guys like that really makes no sense. Name off a complete list of true shut down CBs and after that short list show all the guys who were picked later than the 1st round. By the way there is a long list of 1st rounders that are not true shut down CBs.

    Even a guy like Sherman didn't start until week eight of his rookie season so hoping Wilson could be the guy but having a fit about him not running with the 1st team also make no sense. We are in OTAs.

    And the facts are the Titan have actually done a pretty good job of drafting solid CBs over the years in the later rounds. Finnegan was a 7th rounder, McCourty a 6th, Verner a 4th. It is possible Campbell could emerge as one of those gems now that he is in his 3rd season and the scheme seems to be a better fit.
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    True, but on the other hand he didn't reply again.
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