Observations from Friday’s OTA

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Titans Insider, May 31, 2013.

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    Getting ready to nail him to this:

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    Shaw ran a 4.5 40 coming out of college but the real point is what Scarecrow said. THis i the time to get things figured out.
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    How many seasons ago was that 4.5 and did Shaw even start on a very poor defense the past couple of years?

    I'm not jumping on Locker except to say nobody should be thinking the past problems with his arm are just going to suddenly get better. It is going to take a decent gameplan/scheme to minimize the effects. We've got the personnel to do it, we just need a good performance from the OC.

    I'll be honest. I don't like hearing about poorly thrown balls when there are no pads on and no contact being made. Yes it's early in OTA's, but hell Locker can practice reads and throwing on the run on his own time. And if he hasn't, don't tell me his non throwing shoulder appears to be have healed fine and is on course for recovery.
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    Everyone throws a bad pass.
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    I didn't read much in to the Locker comment because they said for the most part he looked good. I'd do think that the passing game should come fairly easy right now without pads and the lack of a true pass rush.
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    Is it possible that Locker maybe underthrew the ball so the WR/TE could go up and out postion Shaw.... I can picture it in my head. Maybe the target didnt adjust to the pass. That might have been the plays that Jefferson ran on the field getting in his players faces. Id have to see it before I jump up and point fingers.
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    so Locker threw a couple of bad passes that one was intercepted..after a complete off season of recovering from shoulder surgery where he couldnt even lift a spoon wrong..and suddenly he is gonna be the reason we do terrible this year...

    Let the guy get more then a few practices in before you throw away the season...Also if Fitz starts any time this season were doomed the guy is an INT machince like collins was
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    We're talking about practice. Not a game. Practice.
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    Nobody is "throwing away the season". My point is that seeing INT's like that this early suggests Locker is still the Locker he was in college and what we've seen of him thus far. That's all. No real surprise. I think the REAL onus is on Dowell Loggains to develop a scheme and game-plan that minimizes Locker's accuracy issues in order to keep our offense productive. Too many people IMO are putting the onus on Locker himself. He is what he is and it's a bit unreasonable to expect a sudden shift away from the characteristics he has consistently displayed over his college and NFL career to date.

    I'm glad we have Fitzpatrick as a back-up. I think it was a very bright move.
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