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    One of the biggest percieved holes on the team coming into the season was the OL, and with good reason. They were terrible last year and started this year just as bad if not worse. But over the last several weeks the running game (the biggest problem) has seemed to get back on track.

    So 2 questions

    1) Is OL still a top priority in your opinion this off season, or should the attention be shifted completely on the D?

    2) Was Munch right in not drafting OL like we all (or most of us) wanted him too?
  2. RavensShallBurn

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    Get rid of Amano and Harris for good.

    The line still needs to be addressed. We will still need to plan for replacements for Roos and Stewart along with improving the interior o-line.

    I'm not claiming Roos or Stewart need to be replaced immediately... but we need guys behind them who can learn and become just as good.
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    Do you guys think David Stewart could play G? I think he could be a pretty decent G. His RT days are pretty much coming to an end.
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    Palmer switched the scheme so now the OL doesn't have to go to the second level and pick up blockers, This allows Thompson, Stevens, and Johnson to be responsible for the LBs in the run game. It is an effective adjustment by Palmer but it is just a band aid solution; we still need to overhaul our OL. Amano and Harris are horrible and need to be cut. Hutchinson is decent and an upgrade over Scott but he is far from great and he is getting up there in age. Velasco is the only one of our starting center/guards that I'd be comfortable starting next season but I few him as more of a OG.

    On top of that David Stewart is having a pretty bad season and I think that it maybe time to look for an replacement for him in the future.

    I'd say our main priorities are:

    1) A new Defensive Coordinator
    2) A outside pass rusher
    3) A center and guard
    4) A safety
    5) A workhorse HB (Johnson insurance)
  5. Scarecrow

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    I still want insurance.

    Hutch, Roos, and Stewart are all old and I am not comfortable with the other two spots. We should take two fairly early.