O-Line 1st round?

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by gran54, Apr 15, 2012.

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    Why is that a lie? I could totally see them taking either of those guys.
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    Those are the guys I could see us taking. Not sure about Konz since the difference in him and a guy we could get later might not be as great. DeCastro is without question one of the blue chip players in this draft. IMO Glenn could be another OG similar to Nicks and has the added value of being able to move out to OT down the road.

    I do think Munch has been pretty open and honest with the fans but it certainly is possible he doesn't want a team picking behind us to think we might take DeCastro and thus trade ahead of us to get him. It comes down to who the blue chip player is that falls to us or if not who is the next best thing. I doubt it matters where the guy plays (except for QB obviously). You pick the best player....period. On top of that DeCastro might be able to step in and play C at some point if not right away. When a guy is available that is one of the best guys at his position to come out in the last decade there is no way you pass on him. If Munch came out and said we weren't taking a DT or DE everyone would know for sure he was blowing smoke. The fact we aren't sure if he was serious about an OL guy means his game is working to some extent. We have a serious need for an OG and that need is actually about as strong as any other position in this draft. Harris is in the last year of his contract and Hutch is getting up in age. Munch had to have learned that going into the season without a solid interior of your OL is a real detriment to what the team can do on offense.

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    Well it's just my opinion of course, but why would a team selecting 4th tell the world their intentions when the world knows the 3rd spot is for sale? It would be dumb, really dumb. But then again, it is Cleveland.
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    so they lie to help Minnesota out?

    I doubt anyone is trading up for Blackmon or Richardson tbh..
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    Good point.