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    [​IMG]Posted by's Paul Kuharsky Three numbers that strike me as interesting about the 3-2 Indianapolis Colts:
    1. The Colts get an edge on the Titans in the red zone, with touchdowns on 71.4 percent of their trips inside the 20-yard line and touchdowns allowed on only 33.3 percent of their opponent's trips into the red zone.
    2. With swarming run defense the Colts allowed the Ravens only 51 yards rushing, improving their average per game rushing yards allowed from 188.5 to 161. That's still worst in the league, over 4 yards behind Cincinnati.
    3. Every division has at least one quarterback with a higher passer rating than anyone in the AFC South, including all four QBs in the NFC East and three of four in the AFC East. Peyton Manning is tops in his division, with an 87.6 passer rating, 15th in the NFL.

Thread Status:
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