Now That We Have Wright It's Time To Pick A Receiving Threat

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by mike75, Jan 15, 2013.

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    I don't see Britt being suspended or getting in much trouble for this latest incident. Assuming there are no more incidents, I expect him to have a big year. Remember what he was like when he was healthy, before he tore up his knee? Led the NFL in receiving yards. Do you guys remember the Eagles game where he dominated, had over 200 yards for the game and didn't even play the first quarter?

    That's the Kenny I'm expecting to get back this year. 100% healthy and dominant once again.
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    DEFENSE unless we get a new offensive coordinator
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    If you don't think receiver is a major problem then you are crazy. Washington is declining fast and everyone else are scrubs. If Britt doesn't get his head out his a** than all we have his Wright and so far seems like just a pass catcher. Anyone can come in and do what Wright has done.

    We need to take a strong look at some guys in the later rounds like:
    Cordarrelle Patterson
    Marcus Davis
    Cobi Hamilton
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    Patterson will be gone in the first round. Titans need an offensive line BADLY. I know it's not a glamorous pick, but we need a line. Offense and defensive line actually.
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    I don't know if I'd call it a "major problem". But we're certainly not as set as some fans would like to believe. Washington is the only guy we can really count on to be a playmaker at this point. With Britt and Wright we're just kinda hoping they make great strides. They each have their own hurdles to overcome.

    It's very possible Britt is NEVER going to be the same. It's also very possible that he never grows up and is suspended/injured on and off for the rest of his career. And I'm not entirely convinced Britt is even going to be here in 2013 anyway (depending on what comes of this latest unfortunate "wrong place wrong time" event). If I were in the FO's shoes, I would proceed in the offseason as if 'ole blockhead' doesn't even exist. And look at any production I get out of him in 2013 as just an added bonus.

    As for Wright, I'm a big fan and defender of his. But there's no doubt he just didn't make enough big plays in 2012. Sure you could point to a huge list of fairly legitimate excuses. But I'm not a big excuses guy. I have faith he will get over the hump next year though. But I realize it is just blind faith at this point. Still, at worse he's a very solid #2 IMO.

    I guess I wouldn't mind targeting some WRs in the mid-late rounds. But we all know how that usually works out for us. I'd rather us look at the position in FA honestly. Sure you pay a lot more, but at least you know more or less what you're getting.
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    Let's just trade Kenny Britt for Julio Jones, straight up.
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    I say draft defense in the first round then maybe try to get a receiver in free agency if we ever needed to get one.I'll give you an example although i hate Baltimore a couple years back they needed a solid receiver so they went and got a proven one in free agency Anquain Boldin and he has been great for them and produced.Before they got Boldin they really no one on offense receiving except maybe Mason.

    Yes Wright might be a solid number two at best but if we went and got someone like Dwayne Bowe in free agency we would be set at receiver for the time being plus Locker would have proven weapons on offense to throw to.
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    609 WRs... Yes we do need more help here with such problems growing but not something we can be drafting early this year. Mad other problems
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    Which will never get better without proper blocking. Hard to be accurate when you can never set your feet.

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    Washington isn't declining, he's playing like Nate Washington. You just thought 2011 would become a regular thing for Nate, he overachieved that year.

    The way I see WR right now is, we have no No.1 WR.

    Kenny Britt can't be counted on or stay healthy, Nate Washington is on a good day only a No.2 WR, and Wright is still feeling his way around. He showed plenty of ability this year but he never wowed anyone, which is ok, he's only a rookie.

    We need to find a FA WR who can come in and be our go-to WR, cause right now we have a bunch of 2nd & 3rd stringers.