Now that our season is over.

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    You're right. In the end, it is on his shoulders. However, I don't think he will be fired. The others? for sure.
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    hurts so good to be a titans fan

    such a terribly run organization, someday we will hire someone who knows what they are doing
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    No doubt our season is over. We just lost to the most pathetic team in the AFC, arguably the worst team in the league. No way we can beat GB or Houston the way we played today. Tank the rest of the way.

    I'm done defending Munchak, that was pathetic out there today. 4-12 should get us a top 5 pick for our new coaching staff to work with. Everyone on this staff deserves pink slips.
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    If any of you guys are going to the Texans game next week, I wouldn't even waste my time or money.

    Since we can't beat the Jags in a playoff survival game, what makes you think we will compete against the Texans in long gone season?? Should be a 28+ win for the Texans.
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    Then they pull off an upset and everyones pissed because thats the one game that would be awesome to win.
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    Clean house!!!!..... On the bright side, I started cecil shorts on fantasy football :)
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    With exception of about 2 plays, the defense was good today. Nothing was especially bad, a lot of people made 1 mistake and the team just couldn't score touchdowns.
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    Uploaded with

    I'll say it again - Jay Gruden, brother of Jon, is my choice for a candidate to consider next year. Well depending on his contract status with Cincy of course.
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    There is no excuse for some of the missed catches by the WRs. Nate should know to drag his toe and has got to make that catch in the end zone, Cook has got to catch the ball when it hits him in his hands, and Wright stepping out of bounds (at least he is a rookie) ... all of those plays are inexcusable IMO. Locker had a good game overall. That tipped pass at the end for an INT was obviously the low point, but if our WRs are making the plays they are supposed to, then Locker has a very good game today.

    But this all falls on the coaches IMO. Our players aren't focused/well prepared and that falls on the coaches. The players need to be held a lot more accountable than they currently are for some of these mistakes that they are making.

    I think if we brought in the right type of coach that can get his players well prepared and want to go out and play well for him, then we could have a turn around similar to the 49ers. We definitely don't lack the talent, just the focus and commitment to do whatever it takes to win. Our current staff doesn't instill that type of culture in the locker room.

    Also, who in the hell is telling D-Rey that its OK to return the ball from 9-yards deep in the endzone? That really makes it hard on the offense starting every drive from the 15. I understand that he has the ability to take one back every once in a while, but there shouldn't be returning some of those balls.

    The play calling in the 1st half was terrible as well. Run Run Pass Punt for the 1st couple of drives.?!?!?! How about trying to give your young QB some high percentage passes to get him into a rhythm (not F****** screens btw). It is asking a lot for him to throw his 1st pass every drive on 3rd down. I swear, it seems like this staff doesn't have a good feel for their own team and just try to force whatever playcalling they want on them and hope it works.

    As for the D ... not terrible. Did a great job of getting to the QB, and they really did give us chances to win, but we need a new pair of safeties. Babs effort on the TD to Shorts was F'n PATHETIC. He didn't make a good break on the ball, fine, but the effort to make the tackle afterwards was pathetic.
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    I wish they had list a few more games we'll end up 7-9 and end not end up within a top 5 pick in the draft.