Not very impressed with this scrub coaching staff

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    Im with the original poster - all these hires seem very vanilla and stop gap type of moves. Its almost like coach munch is scared to hire anyone to his staff with any type of name recognition in fear that he will lOose his job eventually to them. Lets face it the titans r rebuilding and are going to b bad either way with fishs staff or munchs ..

    But a former bench scrub qb n ufl qb coach to coach the wr?uhhh not to mention the houston oilers of the 90s ? This franchise is pitaful - no history and will never have a history becuase of this! Hiring a 65 something yr old to run the offense from the dang UfL u kidding me?! Hire a young mind ala new orleans, pittsburgh, minneosta, tAmpa - i kno thkse r young head coaches but they all started out as coordinators ..

    Oilers err titans hiring a bunch of old foogy washout nonamers?! Get out CHris Johnson! Get out while u still can! Cheapest organization in football
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    BS of the highest order.. You are clearly setting up a path to your favorite pasttime here for next season.. Crying and complaining. People don't like the hires because they aren't glamorous - nothing more.
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    Fisher quit. He wasn't fired.
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    I never expected the titans to go out and get big named people. I was fine with most of the hires, but I do question some of them. Il give everyone a chance though, atleast their different than what we had before. Maybe we will get lucky and some of these no name coaches can turn out to be decent coaches.
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    Wish I could High Five.

    Munch got rid of the last of Fisher's presence which is why I don't think the Young situation has been finalized.

    We'll shop around but if there's no viable QB options Young will be considered. Not saying its probable, but with our QB situation solved we can draft a QB and fix our holes on defense and with good coaching we can instantly be SB contenders.

    Same offense back + good coaching = #1 scoring offense potential
    Defense + new SS + Run stopping DT + better scheming = Top 10 defense

    Good coaching + same offense + defense plus additions = SB contenders

    New QB = ??

    It wasn't personnell so much last year. It was mainly coaching.
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    Its funny that someone decided to post this idea in a Thread because it was an idea I was planning on starting. Here are my thoughts.

    For the most part, I totally agree with what TitansErick is saying. It seems we are getting the left overs or has beens. Coaches that at one point or another had their chance and couldn't get the job done, so they got canned or were picked up by another team.

    Munchak and Matthews are really the only two that are solid coaches, but at a specific position and its the o-line. Munchak has zero experience preparing an entire team week in and week out to go out and play hard. Its not easy to motivate grown men who for the most part only play for the paycheck. The experience is usually gained over years of going from position coach to OC or DC, then moving to head coach. Many have to spend time in college first before moving up. Seems like the ONLY reason Munchak was choosen for the Titans was because he has been with the organization for 30 years. Can anyone tell me a position coach that went straight to head coach that won a super bowl?

    While I am willing to let Munchak show me something and do the job, it doesn't seem too promising when he had to start his job replacing just about every single coach on an NFL staff, and he had to do it AFTER all the other teams were finished grabbing up the best and brightest coaching talent.

    Its really not Munchak's fault he is getting such middle of the road coaches. He had to fill the staff in like two weeks, with zero prior experience. So it would not surprise me one bit if we are just plain terrible next year. Even with a last place schedule, we still have to play the NFC South who had 3 teams with 10+ wins, and the AFC North which takes us to Pittsburgh and brings the Ravens here.

    Top it all off, there might be a lockout which prevents all of these new coaches from getting with their players to start laying ground work. We could easily lose ALL 16 games, our only gimmie games might be Panthers, Browns, Bengals, and Bills only because they all have similar problems, and none of them have CJ. Easily I see us 4-12 with a top 3 draft pick. OH and how do we even know this staff knows how to draft? Could be the Lions all over again
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    I would like eric's logic that Palmer is inferior to Dinger. Please tell us that.
    In my thinking even of the rest of the staff was a wash the replacement of Cecil with Grey alone makes this a better coaching staff.
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    Sig bet please... Man up or shut up.
    And Fisher was fired - at his own behest.

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    Like who?????

    It's February, any big name already has a job, or was denied an interview with us. Munchak is doing a fine job. The offensive coordinator job is the only one I initially had beef with, but Chris Palmer sounds like he's got a plan. I'll rock with it.
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    The Bills do have CJ. CJ Spiller that is. And the last group couldn't scout or draft, so no biggie if this bunch sucks at it too. Jeff Fisher drafted Andre Woolfolk just to shadow Andre Johnson in Houston. That genius draft strategy never happened. So even if this coaching staff does blow this draft, it wont be a first in TN.