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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Brian, Feb 9, 2006.

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  1. Brian

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    They call those guys "workout warriors" for a reason. Their measurables get them noticed and moved up in the draft, but don't translate into football production. Thanks for pointing it out. It's a valid point.
  2. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

    nice gunnyman... does that book address the prophet Woolfolk?
    you know, I'm astounded that this is still going in circles after something like two weeks. Somebody should call a cease fire, make a bet, or check out and say, "we'll see." This is getting into "big gay Al" territory. Everyone makes good points but if the posters here just read their own posts impartially they would see that they aren't actually listening but just hammering away at what they hold in their minds. I'm being very even handed with this. This is some kind of message board war of attrition and it's kinda weird.:hmm:
  3. No don't try to change my words. You call them workout warriors. Any OU or Big 12 fan will tell you Andre was very productive as a Sooner. You named this thread "Not Affraid to admit when I'm Wrong" and you were trying to be comical. In the meantime you have succeeded in twisting truth into your own perversion and in the process have shown you are quaking in your boots when it comes to admitting you are wrong. As I keep telling you and Soxcat repeatedly... Post some facts. Let me ask you, since you mentioned no football production workout warrior as a reason he was drafted, :HOW was he named one of the players of the game for the Senior Bowl. Do you know how much weight the Senior Bowl and the Combine carry. Excuse me, Cat, I mean Sox got your tongue. Stoops wasn't there. There was no favortism or any special treatment. It was put up or shut up and he put up and shut some people up.
  4. Opinion again. Show your ability beyond your opinions. Come on support something with some facts. Some URL, Some clips from Fisher, Schwartz, a sports writer. You know, I checked out another board just for the heck of it and I was so encouraged to know that there are a lot more positive Titans fans, even on this board as well, but you and :baghead: post so much negativity it drains people. Yes, my rebuttals don't help, that cause, but someone needs to :chairwack your worthless negative posts.
    Oh, let me welcome them - here they come, some more of your supporters which would be between 5-7 more negative dwellers.
  5. Ok, I am all out of fire for now:Flamethro I will put down my flamethrower and chill, if they will.... (oh hush, you (not you BiPolar) and everyone else on this board knows who you are) But I have said it before, as long as they :barf: the garbage posts out of their mouths into their fingertips onto their keyboards and into this virtual world, I will continue to attempt to spoon feed it, excuse me shovel it back down their throats.
  6. thnom

    thnom Camp Fodder

    Woolfolksuncle - this point is TERRIBLE. You pick 2 players who made an IMMEDIATE impact and who eventually won a SB within 2 years in BOTH cases. These are a RARITY not the common thing going on.

    Edit: and in no way shape or form is Tommy Maddox a "proven starter" at NFL level. - for instance.

    ONE season of starting 16 games, another starting 11 is "proven" to you? By that logic woolfolk is 50% there to being a "proven starting CB".

  7. I never said they were the common thing going one. Here is the statement I was commenting On: Pay attention:

    Originally Posted by Brian
    (1) Veterans generally don't lose their starting jobs because of injury. When they do, it's not a vote of confidence.

    The point I was making is that Andre is not a seasoned vet. Proven vets don't lose their jobs. Interchangeable seasoned - proven. Due to injury, he has been hampered, no denying that there. My main point in this entire thread is that this is his first offseason healthy since becoming a Titan. Brian and Soxcat will try to mislead people into different thinking on that. I don't care what any of you say on this. I know he was not healthy or able to do what he does in the offseason. What he has done in the offseason since he first went to OU and that is work hard as possible at conditioning and technique. He doesn't party, he doesn't smoke, he doesn't drink. The only activity other than church outside of football that he does is golf and that is special wife time for him. He lives breathes and consumes football and could not completely do that because he was not recovered from the two season ending surgeries from 2003-2004 and 2004-2005 seasons respectively. This year, despite the downplay of Brian again on the importance of it (how foolish to even downplay that), Andre is being the Andre I have known him to be. He will come hard at camp and that is once again the main point I am making. All of this finality talk that people :barf: out is sickening just like that smiley is. Plain and simple, Andre will be in camp healthy and fired up. Brian suggested he was reduced to covering kicks in his post at 10:58 yesterday. What games was he watching. I will go straight on the record on this board and state that that is a flat out misleading: LIE Everyone that watched the games and followed the team even remotely this year knows that Andre was the nickel meaning 3rd corner in and with Fisher being the Fisher that he has been since I have been paying close attention: (yeah yeah yeah 2003, save it), He will open up the door of open challenge and whether you think it or not, the Left Corner battle at camp will be the hot spot, hot topic at camp. When it happens I will remind you of this post. Hey Brian, I am asking again post something to back up your #2 point in your post about the defensive philosophy. While you are searching look at the play by play on this URL and tell me what pass was thrown and completed (even just thrown to) to the slot receiver (not tight end) Slot receiver: When you find it post it: Like I said, I substantiate what I say with factual info. You post opinions, and some of mine are too, just substantiated by strong facts called stats: Question: who is R. McMichael, is he a WR or TE.... I'll save you on it... He is a TE... ok
  8. Brian

    Brian Big Fan

    Since 3 picks and 7 passes defended in two college seasons and a terrible week of practice at the Senior Bowl don't normally translate into a first round draft pick, why don't you tell me?

  9. I'm sorry, I forgot to pass your gift along to you::baghead:

    Wear it proudly.... OK....
  10. Once again he earned the lockdown corner stipulation by what, locking down receivers, eliminating passes to his side of the field. I watched almost every OU game while he was there (the only ones I didn't was when I was in the Persian Gulf and that wasn't one of the scheduled AFRTS games). I would get upset because the opposing QBs weren't throwing to his side but the good ESPN/CBS/ABC/NBC announcers would always point out how he was blanketing the receivers and they just were not getting open. Why don't you call Roy Williams up in Detroit and asked him. Chris Simms tried him, every game vs Texas and he posterized the receivers. Ask Chris Brown what happened when Colorado tried him. If the few picks you get are on the same QB on the few times he tries you, then he lives in fear and awe of you. Ask JWill. Andre was feared at OU because of his playmaking ability. You didn't follow them, so you don't know. Don't get on this board acting like you do. Here is a poster for you OK:

    andre and bj.jpg

    No, He couldn't make plays could he Brian..... This was one of Sportscenters Plays of the Week. He had one in his sophmore year, oh I am sorry, as a receiver that was nominated as one of the Sports Plays of the Year at the ESPYs.... No Brian, he just should not have gotten any attention....... Yeah Right... Oh you want to see it. Anyone that wants to see it PM me and I will email you the video clip. WU. I know the :baghead: gang won't PM me, so no that doesn't include you... woopdee doooooo!!!!!! hahahahahahaha, this is so much fun. I told you BiPolar, you were so right about the stamina thing. I can go on and on baby. So come on Brian, Soxcat and anyone else supporting your smash campaign, just bring it..... hahaha heee he he, ha ha.
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