Not a Fisher draft? Think again..

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by RollTide, Apr 29, 2012.

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    I know you weren't bashing him. I just felt the need to defend him. I've had 3 serious knee injuries, twice to one knee, and once to the other (not nearly as bad as him though) so i kinda know what he went through.

    My knee buckles a lot now guys, and it frikin' sucks. Thought i would give you some justification to my post.

    Also, regarding your post, i generally agree. but its also much harder to rank little school guys, b/c there are so many x-factors. for example, the system they play in, is it limiting them. Usually their QBs aren't that good, so how good would the receiver be had he had someone better throwing to him. Was the line not blocking long enough for the QB to get the ball out consistently? And so on...

    With regards to Calico, from what i saw before his first knee injury in his first year, I saw enough to believe he would have out played Mason in his 2nd or 3rd year for the #1 spot and been a star with McNair. He was going to join the starting lineup (replacing i think Cotchery at the time) with that mean OL we had, Wycheck as TE, opposite Mason, with Eddie pounding away. Throw in the fact that Mason was the little/quick guy (also a possession receiver) and Ty would have filled the more big/physical receiver role (jump balls/end zone target/etc...), and it looked good, real good.

    Ahhh TIME MACHINE!!!!
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    Wright was a real good value where we got him and much better value than any DT or DE we could have grabbed. Wright I think is our version of Jennings for the Packers. A guy who does it all. Catches first downs and makes big plays. They didn't specifically pick him because of a fear Britt might not ever get out of the trainers room but he is insurance if that happens. But Wright isn't a one trick pony like a guy like Hill would have been and can play any of the three WRs spots.

    For starters the Titans have done about as well as anyone in the league in picking up mid to late round CBs over the last few years. Even under MR we made some real nice picks in McCourty and Verner and I'm not sure Campbell might not contribute at some point. So to say Webster just decided to go brain dead and pick a CB in the 4th round based ONLY on the guys combine workout makes no sense to me. I think they saw some things they really liked in Coty. Also, Webster and MR before him really have started to focus on value with their picks and we have seen that this year and last year. So if Coty was a guy they thought we could grab a round later I'm sure they would have. I think they really see this kid being a potential McCourty type player. Even the Thompson pick in the 5th, a guy they were really high on and thought might go as early as the 3rd round gives us an idea how high they were on Coty since they could have easily taken Thompson in the 4th and picked a CB in the 5th.

    No question they picked the guy to pay Will that had the best combine and passed no a guy like David who is more of an instinct player. I'm not sure I would have done that. But again, I think they saw things they could do with Brown they couldn't do with a guy like David. I think they are going to use Brown more in man on man and also as an oaccasional blitzer. I just think he fit what they wanted overall a little better.

    The managed the draft real well in that for the first three rounds they took care of needs and picked positions in rounds where they had good value. DTs were pretty strong in this draft and Martin is a perfect fit for what they wanted. Basically a one gap NT. They didn't pick this kid because he could bench or run well although he does do both. They didn't pick Casey last year because he was a workout warrior. They picked him because he is a solid player that is relentless.
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    The Brown and Sensabaugh picks were my least favorite.

    Replace Brown with: Konz, Still, or Curry
    Replace Sensabaugh with: Malik Jackson

    There you have one heckuva draft!
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    First of all I don't like the Brown pick either and I hope he proves me wrong but how you can call this a Fisher draft or whatever is beyond me. There is so much turnover that has taken place since Fisher left that you are just grasping for straws to try and compare the old FO to the new one to make your invalid argument valid.
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