Nobody is scared of CJ

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Alex1939, Sep 29, 2013.

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    Exactly where I stand as well.
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    but what did he do in the playoffs?

    I mean a dominate season like that surly carries a team into Ws

    fact is that 2000 yards was fishface force feeding the little guy too provide bread and circuses - PERIOD

    now I agree the little guy alwasys shows up, well when hes not in Orlando making music and shopping for new garanimals.
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    Here's my take on it. (rant incoming)

    I think CJ has been giving a good effort so far. And I think he's been saying the right things for the most part (which is a HUGE change from previous years). But I also think fans have every right to be a bit frustrated. If he were Joe Schmo average starting RB, not many people would be complaining about his production. But this is Chris "History Deal" "The Playmaker" "Every Coach's Dream" Johnson we're talking about. So at some point it sure would be nice to see him earn some of that money he insisted he was worth.

    Here's a quick breakdown of his carries so far:

    - On 84 carries, he has 1 run of 20+ yards (23). - 1%
    - On 84 carries, he has 6 runs of 10+ yards. - 7%
    - On 84 carries, he has 52 runs of 3 yards or less. - 62%
    - On 84 carries, he has 25 runs of 0 or negative yardage. - 30%

    So basically, almost 1/3 of ALL of his runs are going absolutely nowhere, or even worse backwards. Now, I don't have to tell anyone that's just an AWFUL stat. But it'd be a lot easier to swallow if he was ripping off the occasional home-run. However, that's not happening . And the OL excuse is getting quite tired. Especially considering we made revamping the OL our unquestioned #1 top priority this offseason. The "defenses are keying in on him" excuse is tired as well. At some point he's gotta make some plays.

    I said this all last year and I'll say it again, if he needs EVERYTHING to go perfect for him to be a "playmaker" then why the hell did we pay him? And furthermore, why the hell are we still insisting he be the focus of our offense?

    I'm really not meaning to bash CJ here. I think he's trying and has had a good attitude about it. But these are just the facts. His whole thing has always been, he's worth the negative plays because of the home-run threat. But if he's not hitting the home-runs then what's the point? We'd be better off with a more physical back who can pick up consistent chunks of yardage. Even the slowest back in the league could likely manage one 20-yard run in 84 carries.

    When he gets healthy, I really hope we give Shonn an opportunity to take away a significant number of carries, possibly even the starting gig, from CJ.
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    Greenes status is starting too pizz me off
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    Just for comparison sake....

    Jackie Battle:
    - On 29 carries, he has 1 run of 20+ yards (20) - 3%
    - On 29 carries, he has 2 runs of 10+ yards - 7%
    - On 29 carries, he has 21 runs of 3 yards or less - 72%
    - On 29 carries, he has 6 runs of 0 or negative yardage - 20%

    And the real kicker is that when Jackie is in the game EVERYONE on the field, on the sidelines, in the stands, and watching from home KNOWS a run is coming. So what exactly is CJ giving us that we can't get from another back? "Potential threat" of a homerun? Is that it?
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    I want to see these stacked boxes everyone is talking about. So far, they just flat out do not exist.
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    Same here.For the money we paid Greene he hasn't done shat.Greene was supposed to be the guy we could depend on in the running game.

    K.C. has one of the worst run defenses in the league.A return this week would've been perfect.
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    Thank you. Best thing I've read from this forum, ever
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    "Since his hold out I have not been a big fan, personally. He still has the ability and the speed to break off big runs anytime. But I just don't see the hunger, or the effort that was there in the beginning. He hit the NFL with a big bang; and yes, he did a great deal for NFL
    Too many athletes today, of every color and nationality are over paid for what they do. Considering a father or grandfather (of any color) cannot afford to take his boys to a live game without spending half a paycheck or more to do so... it just isn't right. Then for him to act like a bratty primadona and hold out for that $, was wrong."

    Are you serious? Economics 101
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