Nobody is scared of CJ

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    The blocking hasn't been there for CJ, so I'll cut him some slack for that, however CJ has been nothing but an average player on his part so far.
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    only 1 :cj: 2.0 run that I can recall.

    that said Battle would have been just as effective on all but a handful of those runs - at like 1/20 the CAP
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    I'm reading between the lines, but I thought Munchak in an indirect way pretty much said he thought battle was better against the Jets. He sortof said something like "against some teams we might need a bigger back that sortof make his own gap" or something like that. In any event I heard "I like the way Battle was able to create some of his own yards - something CJ wasn't really able to do."
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    CJ has had one bad game and three good games. He was dominant against SD, and good against Houston and Pitt. Jets shut him down. We threw four TD in return. Can someone please explain the problem? He's contributing with short yardage gains, saying he's happy with his role and as long as the team is winning he's satisfied, and now yall are bashing him why?
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    Wow, so many harsh words here from "fans"... amazing when he is still our featured back on a team that ranks 14th overall in rushing this year, and we're 3rd in rushing attempt & 4th in yds. per game.

    Our O line is blocking well, IMHO.

    CJ is not CJ2K anymore, but he's no slouch!

    He can still break one at anytime. Have faith fans!
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    Yes he has


    He's earned every dime he's making right now. IDC if he never gains another yard for the Tennessee Titans, that money he got was well deserved. He's the best player to ever dawn a two toned blue jersey, we may never see another 2,000 yard back on our team in our lifetimes, we may never see someone dominate at the runningback posiiton as much as he did. He's on pace to shatter career records, and go down as the first Titan in the hall of fame. And you want him gone? You want to take that away from the millions of fans that look up to him? This guys sold more jerseys then you can probably count to, he's put countless fans in the stands. Even when we sucked people bought tickets to see CJ2K. He's an Ironman who goes to war for the Tennessee Titans EVERY WEEK and takes a pounding but keeps on carrying the rock. You wanna take that away from this city which doesn't have many greats to fall back on? Why? Because he has dreadlocks and you were raised during the civil rights movement? Who's the selfish one now?? Get out of here bud. He's worth a crap ton more to this fan base than you or I ever will be, so STFU and deal with it.
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    As long as teams keep putting 53 men in the box to stop him he is doing his job. Its up to the coaching staff to take what the defense gives them and get it done. We had Houston beat but Locker just missed the throw. Wade Phillips dialed up the wrong defense and the Titans couldnt take advantage. They are learning and wont make that mistake in the future. If defenses keep playing that way the Titans must take advantage. I will take man coverage all day long with no safety back with our WR corps. Big playsfrom the Titans are a coming to a stadium near you.
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    I gave you a high five, however...

    Since his hold out I have not been a big fan, personally. He still has the ability and the speed to break off big runs anytime. But I just don't see the hunger, or the effort that was there in the beginning. He hit the NFL with a big bang; and yes, he did a great deal for NFL merchandising in those 1st two seasons. He scored 9 TDs his rookie year, 14 TDs his record setting 2nd year, 11 the 3rd, and only a total of 10 in the last 3 years. Hopefully with an improved O line he will regain some of his luster from years ago.

    Remember too, that his comments and his actions before, during, and after the holdout are a bitter taste in many fans mouths. A holdout that hurt the team, the fans, and himself. He could have handled the whole situation with more class... class that a running back of his stature and role model to millions of young impressionable minds should. Unfortunately, since he has received the pay for being a running back of the caliber he WAS during those first few seasons, he hasn't been a running back that would justify that pay.

    I also take offense at you trying to bring in the race card where you say:
    It was totally unnecessary and uncalled for in this situation. :(

    Too many athletes today, of every color and nationality are over paid for what they do. Considering a father or grandfather (of any color) cannot afford to take his boys to a live game without spending half a paycheck or more to do so... it just isn't right. Then for him to act like a bratty primadona and hold out for that $, was wrong.

    Lastly, all the negative feelings many fans still have towards him will disappear with a few desperately needed long breaks from scrimmage and long TD runs! We need CJ2K again, not CJ1K. :)
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    This is the same type of mentality that got us in trouble during our period of 'cap hell'. Its sweet you need something to hold on to, but CJ is going to need to restructure or he is a goner. Memories or not they don't win football games, so STFU and deal with it.
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