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Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by Deuce Wayne, Jan 10, 2012.

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    You are delusional.

    Taylor ran for 177 yards on OSU. Stewart ran for 65. And who the hell are they?

    Richardson could've broken 300 on these guys, easily. :ha: Of course, he would have been pulled after breaking the 200 mark or so, and then Lacy would've run for 200, and then Bama would've put in Fowler and he would've run for 200, and then Saban would just have to shrug because it'd only be the 3rd quarter and he'd be running out of back-up RBs to throw in to be nice. :ha:

    Also, way to demonstrate that you know absolutely nothing about LSU's team. Their offense is focused on three good (not amazing) RBs, so they constantly have fresh legs.

    I mean come on man, it's obvious you didn't watch a single Alabama or LSU game this year. I at least watched Stanford and OSU, so I can at least back-up my statements. :ha:
  3. Deuce Wayne

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    Lacy would have a better chance than Richardson anyway. Lacy is a better back.

    LSU's 3 good (not great) RBs weren't even at the game NC night.

    I watched LSU vs Oregon. I didn't get to watch any Alabama games because my tv wont show high school games. Alabama plays on Fridays, right?
  4. jplusip

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    What? Then how do you follow Michigan? :)
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    OSU would have beaten both LSU and Bama IMO.

    Bama won but I can make the case that they didn't even deserve to be there because OSU had the better resume and Bama didn't even win their conference.

    Oh well, no sense arguing about it now. Just hope for a playoff sooner than later.
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