No ints, 175 yards passing = improvement

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by oldoilerfan, Nov 8, 2009.

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  1. oldoilerfan

    oldoilerfan Camp Fodder

    In Vince's second outing he showed improvement. Truth be told I thought he would struggle more. Let's hope he keeps it up (i.e., week to week improvement). :yes:
  2. iQon

    iQon Starter

    It's a start. He seems to be playing better. It had been a tough year for him, but I think that hardened him and now he's earning his keep. It just sucks that we're once again riding off momentum that follows his return when it's too late. The Jets/Dolphins and Broncos/Chargers races will inevitably end our season at the end of the year, even if we do run the table. :hmm:
  3. titansfan89

    titansfan89 Starter

    we got Buffalo at home next week and their run D is awful...CJ will have a marathon

    we'll go into the MNF with a 3 game win streak *knock on wood* and anything can happen from there...

    10-6 isnt outta the possibility when you get 4 turnovers on D and 0 on offense
  4. tnyou

    tnyou Guest

    I like that he was taking shots down-field more, it seems as if he has more confidence in his arm and his receivers. The titans have officially brought the QB Option into the NFL, lol.

    He goes against a top ranked passing defense next week, it will be just another test he will be trying to go against.
  5. titansfan89

    titansfan89 Starter

    theres so many more plays when Vince is there...options, screens, roll-outs and the occasional deep pass

    and when you have CJ there, you dont have to rely on the QB to win the game for you
  6. loulou

    loulou Camp Fodder

    Go Vince
  7. cld12pk2go

    cld12pk2go Starter

    He played pretty decent against a really good D tonight. I count this as progress.

    If VY can run for a few first downs and throw a few bombs a game, then CJ will be able to run wild and anything is possible.

  8. eric

    eric Camp Fodder

    It was a good game. His record is now up to 20-11: a better winning percentage than all Titans/Oilers QBs with significant starts. And better than Troy Aikman. About the same as Favre.
  9. BudAdams

    BudAdams SayHelloToMyLittleFriends

    he was a good game manager today.
  10. eric

    eric Camp Fodder

    If when you say manager you mean efficiency I agree. Outside of passing yds, QB ratings, and rushing success, the key analysis of a QB is how he manages down, distance, and circumstance to drive the field. In these two games Vince has been very efficient. Outside of kneel down drives at the end of the game/half, Vince and the Titans have had 19 drives, and they have resulted in 11 scores, 8 punts, and zero turnovers. The scores have included 6 TDs and 5 FGs. That's pretty damn good.
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