No Clear Favorite In The AFC In 2013

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by mike75, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. mike75

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    We still have the draft,training camp,preseason but here are some things i expect in the AFC in 2013.....

    In the AFC East the only team most likely to make the postseason will be New England and they have lost some good players including Wes Welker who was usually good for 100 catches a year.I think Miami could be much better while the Bills and Jets most likely won't make .500

    In the AFC North the team i think could win this division will be Cincinnati although some in the media think Baltimore could still be a force with revamped defense with new faces Dumervil,Canty,Spears,Huff,McClain plus the veterans Ngata,Cody,Webb and Suggs.I think Pittsburgh will be in rebuilding mode and miss the playoffs and the same goes for Cleveland.I think Baltimore goes 9-7 and wild card and Cincy i could see going 10-6 to make the postseason.

    In the AFC West i think the Broncos will be the only team to make the postseason in that division.They will have another great season.I think the Chiefs will most likely break even around 8-8 as well as San Diego at 8-8 and of course at the bottom the Raiders.

    Finally in the AFC South I think the Houston Texans and Tennessee Titans both make the postseason.The surprise team last year in this division were the Indy Colts they were 11-5 when most of the media thought they would not make .500 in Luck's first season.Well i think this season we will see a sophomore jinx out of Luck and the Colts especially since last season Colts had a cupcake schedule and this season having to play the Niners,Seahawks,Bengals,Broncos,Chargers,Texans twice and an improved Titans team twice i think Indy end up 8-8.As far as who wins this division i think it will come down to the Texans and Titans this season.Barwin and Quin are gone from the defense but i don't think that will hurt them much and this year the schedule is much harder for the Texans with them playing the Patriots,Ravens,Broncos,Seahawks,49ers,Chargers plus an improved Titans team twice and Indy Colts twice who they split with last season.I think 10-6 could win this division this year.Now for Tennessee they picked up Andy Levitre in free agency to beef up the Offensive line plus there is a good chance they could pick up Chance Warmack in the draft to further strengthen the line.If Jake Locker struggles the Titans have backup Ryan Fitzpatrick formerly of the Bills.The Titans also picked up RB Shonn Greene from the Jets to help Chris Johnson with the carries.Delanie Walker is a really good tight end Tennessee got in free agency from the 49ers.WR Kevin Walter comes over to Tennessee from the Texans.Sammie Lee Hill was picked up from Detroit to help with defense and to help Titans at safety Bernard Pollard former Ravens and George Wilson of the Bills.I think the Titans will draft a playmaker for the defense.Some of the Titans schedule play the Steelers,Broncos,49ers,Seahawks,Chargers and the Texans twice.As far as Jacksonville they bring in a new regime and still keep Blame Gabbert at QB=FAIL and another losing season.

    In the AFC PLAYOFF...I think this is one of those seasons where anyone could take the conference.Could be wrong but i don't see one team that would be a dominant clear cut favorite.We all know Manning chokes in the playoffs and holds a record eight losses in the opening round more than any other player ever so that could be bad for Denver.The Patriots haven't won a super bowl in nearly ten years and Brady is getting older not to mention he lost his best weapon Wes Welker in free agency.Cincinnati and Houston have both made the playoffs the last couple seasons with Houston winning both times but both have fell short of being a major threat.As far as Baltimore goes they got hot last year but i don't see them repeating this season.As far as Tennessee goes i think they have a good shot especially if Locker progresses.

    2.New England

    Anyone else have any thoughts on the AFC IN 2013?
  2. RavensShallBurn

    RavensShallBurn Ruck the Favens

    Well, I said the same thing last season... no clear favorite in the AFC, totally up in the air, Titans could make a run in the playoffs. Didn't turn out so well. We are nothing more than a one and done team if we do make the playoffs.

    I don't see a way the Ravens make the playoffs. I just don't. You don't lose 8 starters from your Super Bowl team without suffering big time. I'd pick the Colts, Chiefs, Dolphins, and Titans as the 6th seed before I picked the Ravens.

    Division winners should be pretty obvious outside of ours (Broncos, Patriots, Bengals). That's the only thing we have going for us. I'd still pick the Texans and Colts over us, but I still stand by the fact that both of them aren't very good teams.
  3. xpmar9x

    xpmar9x The Real Slim Shady

    Denver is obviously the clear favorite.
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  4. The Playmaker

    The Playmaker pineapple pizza party

    It's pretty clear Denver is the favorite this season but I guess after that it's a bit shady.

    The Patriots have another run or two in them, Bengals could be the surprise team, and I guess right now we have a shot at the playoffs. The AFC seems to be pretty weak this year so we'll probably see another team or 2 make a push that we weren't expecting to see.
  5. mike75

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    I think Manning and Denver will get back to the postseason but it seems like Manning always makes bad decisions which lead to turnovers and it always happens at the most crucial moments which end up costing his team the game during the playoffs.

    However if the Broncos did win the super bowl it would be make Manning a winner of super bowls starting with two different teams and i'm not sure if there have been any other QB's win a super bowl with two different teams but i know there have been a few QB's take two different teams such as Kurt Warner was the last when he took Arizona(loss) and earlier St. Louis(win).

    If Manning did win a super bowl with Denver i would have to say he would most likely be the greatest QB ever along with Tom Brady and Joe Montana.
  6. xpmar9x

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    Patriots will be good yet again, no doubt. Sure, they lose Welker... but honestly Amendola is just as good if not better. Danny is younger and had 63 catches in only 8 starts last year... with the Rams. If he stays healthy he'll easily put up Welker #s.

    Pats also resigned Talib (which will be huge) and brought in Adrian Wilson to play SS. Don't forget they got one of the best returners in Leon Washington, which they struggled in STs and had McCourty returning.

    Patriots will go out and draft a CB & WR, then they'll be set.
  7. The Hammer

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    Way too early

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    Yea I've been saying the AFC will be wide open since November last year.

    So now would as good a time as any to capitalize on the AFC getting older and slower. Manning, Roethlisberger, Brady, they're looking pretty human these days. Hopefully we can close the gap and make some noise this year.

    And I could see the Ravens staying king of the hill for some time :gaah:
  9. nickmsmith

    nickmsmith Most poverty RB core.

    I refuse to believe that the patriots will ever miss the playoffs with brady at helm. Broncos should be good again, to choke in the playoffs.

    All I hope for is the Steelers to continue to suck.
  10. The Hammer

    The Hammer Problematic AF

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