No CB in rd 1!

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by RollTide, Apr 6, 2012.

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    Jury is still out, he's been injured pretty much his whole career.

    However, I don't want to settle with just McCourty and Verner. Everyone has their own opinions and everything but I think these two guys are a bit overrated on here because they're both two of the bigger fan favorites. I've been up and down on the DE's projected in the 1st and there is plenty available in the 2nd round, I'm talking both DE/DT, just BPA from the d-line should be the 2nd pick.

    I know I have Dre Kirk as my sig right now but I would be fine with Jenkins or Barron. I truly believe Kirk and Jenkins can be pro-bowl CB's and the type of players to take over games. Most of the people talk about adding a CB later on for depth but we already have plenty. J-Mac and Verner are both #2 CB's and we also have Mouton, Campbell, and Hawkins. We already have plenty of depth we just need top add some talent.

    I also wouldn't be against trading down a couple spots(before the Ravens) and maybe adding Harrison Smith if Barron is gone. We do have Griffin and Babs but they're on 1 year deals and I'd rather see Babs eventually as the next guy onto the field like in a Nickel package. Smith is growing on me and Barron will become a very good SS, I just worry about his durability sometimes.

    Pretty much I'm hoping DB in the 1st round unless Kuechly, Cox, Ingram, Coples, or even Poe falls. Maybe we even go Hightower but I think upgrading the backfield is the next move. We have too many "ok" and "solid" players and not enough playmaking types.
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    "Everyone" hates Mouton because of the Jets fumbles, but I think he can still contribute as a DB.

    Will he? I don't know. I do, however, think he has the potential to be a serviceable DB in a pinch. With that said, taking a CB wouldn't break my heart. In today's league, you can't have too many good CB's.
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    Exactly. Casey Heward type player in round 3 or 4. DE and DT matter more in our scheme than a starting corner or nickel back.
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    Keep in mind

    We were pretty low on McCourty just a year or two ago. Mouton got playing time early, so maybe that helped him mature. Those two were neck and neck for awhile.
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    I'm glad he is working his butt off and all but he kinda has too since this year is make or break for him. I hope he proves me wrong but he is about as tough as bubble wrap.

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    No no no, McCourty has NEVER been Ryan Mouton bad. McCourty's growing pains were just that, growing pains. Mouton's struggles are cause he's not an NFL CB.

    Ryan Mouton is just turrible. I pray we never have to find out how bad he is again.
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    More than likely the BPA will be a linebacker when we pick. It is simply a matter of how we can use him.

    Kirkpatrick is the consensus guy everybody thinks we will pick and while i won't jump up and down in protest of that pick i wish we had more workout information on him.

    We also have to understand the basic reality that Bama corners didn't have to cover anybody very long. He was a very good player and is that 6 foot guy everybody wants but did he do enough in his workouts to show that he can be a cover CB? I don't think so.
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    Best athlete available @ 20?

    How about Josh Robinson from Central Florida. nobody talks about us drafting him.

    Robinson is considered a 2nd rd CB but blew away everybody at the combine. His 4.33 40 was the best in the entire combine and he posted a 38 inch vertical. At 5'9 1/2 194 he doesn't have the height everybody is looking for but can be that physical Finnegan type guy.

    Scouting reports i read said he was "raw" at CB but not too raw to be 1st team all conference USA 2 straight years.

    Want to take a CB with the 20th pick take the guy with 4.33 speed.
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    [ame=""]Josh Robinson vs Georgia Liberty Bowl - YouTube[/ame]

    Josh Robinson vs one of the best college Wrs in the last decade. AJ green. green caught 8 balls but for only 77 yards. Less than 10 yards a catch.

    Josh Robinson is the kind of CB you take a chance on with the 20th pick.
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    Something I find interesting is when ESPN or the guys on NFLN talk about the corners that could go in the first round they show highlights of them making plays in coverage....unless it's Kirkpatrick, who they just show tackling people. Did he ever make a play on the ball in college?