NFL vs NCAA Football

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  1. NFL

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  2. NCAA

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  3. I enjoy both equally

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  1. Ryudo

    Ryudo Farten Up

    Not the quality of play of course. Me and my best friend every fall go see the local high school games. It's more personal reasons. Just a life changing series of events that saved my life. So I have a emotional attachment to it. Also a smaller atmosphere I prefer to a larger one.
  2. The Playmaker

    The Playmaker pineapple pizza party

    About even for me.

    I don't get to watch as many Titans games since I don't get a lot of their games like I used to (moved from Huntsville to Tuscaloosa). I also don't have any friends that are Titans fans so can only talk about the team with you guys mostly. As far as college goes, I see every home game live and even some road games, talk of the town, etc etc. Also have friends in a few other SEC schools so it's always nice when you catch up you talk about some football. Yeah college isn't at the highest level but the atmosphere is better, always get a lot of new players every year, coaches shape the program more than just star players, and with college it's always fresh. In the NFL you have the same teams and players dominating but there are always a lot more story lines every year. Also, I keep up with recruiting pretty heavily so it's nice to see guys you liked in high school perform in college.
  3. Gunny

    Gunny Shoutbox Fuhrer

    Police are gonna knock on your door one day.
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  4. Ryudo

    Ryudo Farten Up

    why? I don't get why I am being attacked by everyone over nothing.......
  5. Gunny

    Gunny Shoutbox Fuhrer

    Parents are weird when childless adults are watching kids play sport...ask TitansEternal.
  6. Maker_84

    Maker_84 Starter

    College Football is better because
    1. The fanbases have more passion
    2. The stadiums are louder and more packed, NFL i see so many empty seats even though it says it's sold out the fans just didn't show
    3. Alot of the rosters are kids from the state or from that region so people relate to the teams more while the NFL has players from all over
    4. College Football just about has the same best teams every year and the NFL has too much parody and teams coming out of nowhere with free agency so teams can't stay good for as long and aren't consistent.
    5. There are no real upsets in the NFL, In college if Oregon were to be upset by someone like Fresno State that would be crazy because of the talent differential but in the NFL the talent between the best and worst teams isn't that much so when i see teams get supposedly upset in the NFL it's not near as surprising. Everyone hypes up the Giants beating the Patriots a few years ago and says it was possibly the greatest upset ever when it really wasn't at all because Appalachian State beating Michigan was 10 times better.
  7. mike75

    mike75 Starter

    NFL easily.

    As a young nine year old boy back in 1984 i sat around all day playing atari and never left the house and my dad bitched about it for awhile until one night he came in with a big smile telling me he signed me up for football.

    Instead of groaning about it i got excited wondering about it until the next day when we were out on the field laying hits on each other and it was rough and i loved the competition.After practice my dad took me by a store to get a gatorade when i saw a huge NFL football magazine for the upcoming season which my dad gladly bought for me.Within days i learned every single team and the conference they played in.My favorite teams became Pittsburgh Steelers who ended up sucking throughout the decade and the L.A. Raiders who were also mediocre in the eighties.I liked both teams based on toughness and tradition but both were far from their seventies heyday.

    Being from Memphis,Tennessee we got a USFL team that same year in '84 and me and dad got season tickets to the Showboats featuring Reggie White who became one of my favorite players but the league folded two years later and it would be another decade before pro football came again.In the mid to late nineties i stopped watching football for a good while but i always caught the Super Bowl.

    Finally in '99 i heard the Oilers were going to drop that name and vote on a new name for the team and play in a new stadium.I finally had a team in my home state i felt i could support and i immediately became a fan of the Tennessee Titans.I still remember the very first game i think it was a one point win against the Bengals and i watched every game after including the playoffs and in their very first playoff game they end up with a game for the ages with the Music City Miracle and i couldn't believe it when we won two more games to end up in the Super Bowl.One thing i hated was watching all these fairweather fans come along and when the Titans lost the big game i saw numerous people talking about how they were still Cowboy fans or Packer fans and could never like the Titans which was stupid because they hopped on the bandwagon then hopped back off after the Super Bowl loss.I never left and still a true fan fourteen years later.

    Anyhow i have really enjoyed the last fourteen years of football and if you look at the whole fourteen years we have been a pretty successful team and we've had the best record in the league twice,made the postseason six times including a super bowl appearance while being in the top ten in wins/losses.I couldn't imagine being a fan of teams who go years without winning or having a playoff appearance.The Cleveland Browns have had the worst luck.The Buffalo Bills have not made the playoffs for over a decade going on twelve years.The Jacksonville Jaguars don't have a clue especially keeping Blame Gabbert around which makes the new regime look clueless after all they were brought in to change things.The Kansas City Chiefs have had it pretty rough over the last decade and haven't really been a threat since Schottenheimer left years ago.The Detroit Lions finally looked like they turned the corner after years and years of not winning or any postseason.We may not be the very best but we are nowhere near the bottom like a lot of teams.Year in and year out there is always the feeling we could field a winning team.

    We had one of our best seasons wearing the 10th anniversary patch going 13-3 and i'm hoping that for our fifteenth anniversary that we will have some good things happening and from the looks of free agency it looks like they are trying their best to upgrade the roster and hopefully the draft will bring some good talent in as well.I think we can say the Tennessee Titans first fifteen years of existence have been pretty good overall.
  8. steverife

    steverife Starter

    I like going to high school games too.
  9. Thaddeus43

    Thaddeus43 Pro Bowler

    I think it has to do with generation and location ... older people in the south (like TN or AL) didn't grow up around NFL teams, but they did grow up around big college programs ... so they probably prefer NCAA since that is what they watched their whole life.

    I prefer the NFL for several reasons ... 1 is the playing field is a lot more level. I hate when a good college team schedules a game with some crappy school just for an easy win.

    2. The BCS is bogus.

    3. Both leagues are all about money, but at least the NFL doesn't hide it. The NCAA makes so much money off of college football, but makes the dumbest rules for suspending players over money issues, seriously who cares .

    3. NFL has superior talent

    I really only watch college because I know those guys will be in the NFL someday (there are some good games too though)

    Also it seems like the only "hardcore" college football fans either go to/ went to that school, or are country as hell (at least in the south)
  10. Alex1939

    Alex1939 Space Invaders Champion

    NFL. Even as a kid i enjoyed watching NFL more.

    But until the Titans I always cared more whether the Vols won or lost over any NFL game.
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