NFL Union Wants Fast Hearing for McNair

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    SUMMARY: The NFLPA wants a quick hearing on a grievance filed on behalf of Steve McNair against the Tennessee Titans but it may be three weeks before an arbitrator may be available. The union had the option to request an expedited hearing to be held within 10 days after the Titans answered the grievance, in which McNair claims Tennessee breached his contract when it barred him from working out on team property. "We're insisting that it be sooner rather than later," General counsel Richard Berthelsen said.

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  2. TitanJeff

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    Word is McNair is gaining some weight. Let him workout!!!

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  3. nigel

    nigel Back on the bus

    Jeff, that is harsh!!!
  4. But can we get Bus Cook's head on Jabba's assistant???


    :ravens: Steve is gone, it's a pride thang now...

    What about Adam and his drug dealing car and gun shootin possie? Did I spell that right?

    I hope he is in prison before the draft. Course that won't happen.
  6. it was a pride thing with eddie too^ and look what ended up happening with him, i hope that steve doesnt end the same way
  7. I also hope he doesn't end up the same way as Eddie ''the only replica jersey I can choose from'' George
  8. Riverman

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    I don't think it's a pride thing at all. McNair is being very smart about his future. If the Titans draft Leinart, he's gone because he can get his 2-3 years in Baltimore. If we draft Young, he can get his 2-3 years in Tennessee (which I think he prefers).

    No way he makes 9 million ANYWHERE in the league this year. The market will determine how much he weighs money over staying with the Titans offer. That's the real variable in this situation IMO.
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