Rumor NFL To Lighten Up on Marijuana Use

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by The Hammer, May 14, 2014.


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    Go look at how the league has treated Brandon Browner! Two of his positive test one was before he was in the league and his second was because he did not show up for the test. The reason was he was not in the nfl he was playing in canada! 2 of his 3 were before or when he was not on a roster
  2. RavensShallBurn

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    In all honesty they should get rid of the test for pot altogether. If a team has concerns about a particular player, they can handle it themselves.

    I wonder what the percentage of pro athletes that have smoked marijuana at some point is... 90%?

    As long as they aren't smoking on a regular basis it shouldn't have an effect on them.
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  3. 615nick

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    Imo, if you can smoke pot and still play/perform at a high level at your job you should be able to. It should be a team/workplace policy not a federal one. To each his own. I know people that can smoke weed and do an even better job, even while high (low % tho) and I know peoole who arent worth shooting once high.
  4. Titans Eternal

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  5. GoT

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    at least upon first hiring on

    Since being a civilian I have been paid to piss exactly 4 times. 3 as a newhire for a real job with benefits and such and once as a newhire just for a job I was doing for money (overnight convience store clerk - which sucked but kept days available for looking for a real job)

    1 real job I didnt even need to pee as a new hire.

    not once have I had to pee after hiring on - except in the military. Every leave I would be 'randomly' selected to pee.
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    The place I got an internship with, started the interview with "Should we require a follow up interview, you will be drug tested" With everyone who applied. Never actually did one.

    That job sucked so much *** they probably would have tons of positive results if they tested as the employee left....
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    The small town where I live, basically EVERYONE requires a drug screen before hiring you. And any job worth a **** has random screens.
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    It is also against federal law...which (with a real President and Attorney General) always trumps state or local laws.
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    IMO, no. They should treat it like alcohol. If you are high at work, you are fired. It is ok to drink on your time off, it should never coincide with work. If you want to get lit up on your weekend, then that's your prerogative, IMO.

    People should not be doing anything at work, under the influence of anything. There are tons of people out there, operating vehicles and heavy machinery, while all screwed up on legal prescription drugs. That's the real concern to me.

    Drug testing ruins some careless peoples' lives, and it saves a lot of lives.
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  10. GoT

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    Im in favor of drug screening

    I would love to see it mandatory for employment - LOL

    not really but man the Hollywood libtards would implode!

    And yes people high as can be on legal meds is huge. Most of the time their doctors have them so over medicated they have no clue what not being under the influence is like.

    I exgerate to make a point there
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