NFL to Dungy: Pass interference call was correct

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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky INDIANAPOLIS - Tony Dungy talked to the league this morning about a couple calls he had questions about out of his team's Sunday loss to Jacksonville.
    He got an explanation on the pass interference call against Freddy Keiaho on a fourth down with 29 seconds left that extended Jacksonville's drive to a game-winning field goal.
    "I got an explanation on the last call on Freddy, they said it was a good call," Dungy said at his Monday press conference. "They said it was pass interference because he ran into the intended receiver. It was just one of those unfortunate things. He's looking at his man, and happened to run into the guy who was the intended receiver. So that one they said was a good call.
    "The rest of them I can't comment on, because you can only comment on the good calls."
    That last line produced laughter and begged for a little explanation.
    "That's just the way our system works," Dungy said.
    On a Rashean Mathis interception return for a 61-yard TD where replays showed Mathis clearly tugged on Marvin Harrison's jersey at his shoulder to help gain position, Dungy advised reporters to call NFL VP of officiating Mike Pereira or to watch his Wednesday show on NFL Network.
    That was a clear miss.
    Another play where Harrison got tripped up in the end zone was a good no call, I thought, at the ball was by him before he went down.
    Drayton Florence's hit on Dallas Clark didn't draw a flag, but could draw a fine if the league believes he was going for the tight end's head.
    Keiaho sounded like he still was baffled about the pass interference call, which seemed a strict interpretation that's up for continued debate.
    "Just being objective and everything and seeing it, I don't know, I don't know what he saw," Keiaho said. "I was just running to my drop, I don't know if I have to give him his space, I have to cut underneath him or whatever. But I didn't understand that I had to get out of his way in that situation..."
    "I thought the game was over, I thought they threw a flag for excessive celebration. I was just really surprised about that.
    I am heading back to Nashville now. Will try to hit you with some stuff out of day-after press conferences elsewhere during a layover and/or when I get back.

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